Lonely Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling down and lonely, a great way to give yourself a boost is to look for a sympathetic response from your social networking pals. If you word lonely Facebook statuses in the right way, you are sure to win some sympathy. Well-written lonely Facebook statuses get great comments and "likes", but beware of coming across as too whiney in lonely Facebook statuses.

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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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When I smile I am hiding a tear inside.When I laugh I am hiding pain inside.When I say everything is OK nothing is.
How many times do i have to come in second or third, before i realise that I'll never be first in any ones life?
how is it that you have a room full of people but yet you find yourself so alone you feel like crying? :(
It's amazing how you can be friends with someone for years & one day out of the blue they turn on you...& you realise that you never really knew them at all.
no words to define my status rite now !
People ask how I'm doing, I say "I'm fine" and smile a nice shy smile. Are you really stupid? Or am I just a really good actress?
The days are cold living without you. You maybe gone but you are never over.
maybe i look happy but if you cared enough to take one second to ask then you would know how i really feel and how complicated things have become
They say that there is someone out there for everyone but I am still waiting for that someone. I'm beginning to think my someone got hit by a bus!
I know I'm always with you hanging out with you. But you have no idea how alone i am. How much it hurts just to smile. But I love you
Lonely Facebook Statuses
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Which is worse... to feel lonely in a crowd or lonely on your own?
Just wishes that once..just once..I could do something right. Where nobody gets hurt from it, not even me
says ,you meet people in your life that make you smile and feel happy for once and then all of a sudden ,its like they don't wanna know you :(
is missing their partner in crime...
I used to have many faults, now I have only 2 - everything I say and everything I do...
says maybe I don't want to be who u want me to be, maybe I'm me and that's all I will ever be..Love me or hate me, but maybe you're not who you're suppose to be
knows that I am not alone when I feel like I am. I know that God is still by my side no matter what. Dear God, please answer my prayers. Thank you God. Amen.
If you could choose between two paths, which would you choose? The Left - where nothing goes right, or the Right - Where there's nothing left?


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