Facebook Statuses About Life

It is amazing how there are so many different aspects to life. The contrasting things that happen in life – both good and bad – are so varied and numerous that they provide endless fodder for Facebook statuses about life. Thinking of life Facebook statuses should be as easy as pie but, if you do find yourself stuck, we offer lots of Facebook statuses about life on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Life
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I hate the fact you hang out with "their" it just pisses me off.
We are only given a certain amount of time on Earth. Some choose to live life to the fullest. And some of you watch Snooki in a ball.
HOME is where you can be who are, say what you feel, and you can scratch where it itches!
feels like life is just piling up on me...
i cant keep it in anymore,i need to shout it so loud everyone can hear.so here goes!"I MISS YOU"
Confrontation is the key to keeping things in order!(Remember) You can't fix what you wont confront
"Do or do not. There is no try." Master Yoda (Star Wars)
says their Status Shuffle is suspended due to feeling like a bag of...normal service will be resumed as soon as I can stand, breath and swallow normally
Life is like a camera. If you can't see the big picture, change your perspective.
Sometimes you'll fall and won't get back up. Have that someone who will be there to help.
Facebook Statuses About Life
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you may find it that same people are as loyal as a HUNGRY LION 2 A DEER
if you say i love you to someone make sure you mean it!
hello down there i must be dreaming I'm in heaven wake up fool Ir in hell
Hold fast 2 dreams 4 if dreams die life is broken-winged bird that cannot fly,
don't say sorry for telling the truth that's just like saying sorry for being real like cause you know it's true
doesn't every one wish that life was just like a penguin sliding across the snow or ice
You never truly find the one until they're right in front of you.
I'm coming tell the world that I'm coming home let the rain wash the pain of yesterday:/


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