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Facebook Statuses About Life
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is going out to find father time and make some time to kick them in their balls so they has time for pain !
:-:It's hard to wait around for something u know won't happen,but it's even harder to stop waiting when u know it's everything u want:-:
A wise man does not need advice and a fool wonu2019t take it.
Lean on me when you're not strong. I'll be your friend. I'll help you carry on. For it won't be long till I will need someone to lean on.
They say you're either a lover or a hater, but me, I'm a licker and a biter.
live, let live, keep your opinions to yourself, treat people with respect, love, show love, forgive, forget and most of all don't regret... live life...
sometimes life puts you on a path you didn't want to be on but somehow at the end of the path there's opportunity there that you would have never discovered b4
When you feel like you have gotten nowhere in life u need 2 look at all the blessings you have received in the past and know who blessed you.. =]
Life is like riding a horse, you may fall down, but you gotta get back on and keep on going.
Okay you gave me the hots, made me sweaty, took my breath away and made me ache all over, but enough is enough M.Flu please leave now
Facebook Statuses About Life
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You wouldn't break a bridge that you had to cross.
God determines who they lets into your life, it's up to you to decide who you let stay and who you let go.
i can be surrounded by a see of people and still feel all alone then i think of you [A Cinderella Story]
Just because I disagree with you, doesn't make me ignorant, an idiot, or less intelligent. I have the right to my opinion as do you. Deal with it.
totally having bipolar moods right now one minute mad then sad then lonely then aggravated my shuffles all are over the place and idc who i offend
You hurt me..and I now realize that I have to hurt you twice as much as you hurt me..payback is a bitch:)
Don't have a good day - make it a GREAT day!!

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