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Facebook Statuses About Life
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Sometimes the good times outweigh the bad times, and then sometimes the bad times make you realize the good times.<3
A person is define by their actions Not their words. like that old phrase says (action speaks louder then words. by baby-girl
says "Sometimes the smallest realization can hit you like a punch to the gut."
We only live life once ~ might as well make the ride worth it ~
Forgiving isn't forgetting you've been hurt, it's learning to be a better person from the hurt you've felt and a reminder to not hurt someone else. - Dawn Marie
U can be in the company of YOUR own negativity all the time, and be completely alone, or U can let it all go, and be completely surrounded by friends and family
Swollen finger, sore pinky toe and a split lip. LAST NIGHT WAS AWESOME!
When you call some people on what they have done wrong, they try to come up with a believable reason that it was your fault. What does that say about them?
says she is in a relationship for first time in almost 35 years and the feeling are odd I think he cares about me more than I do him but I can't say that can I?
Earth is bliss
Facebook Statuses About Life
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Sunday mornings; lie ins, sunday songs on the radio, piping hot lunch, Facebook, and relatives. U've gotta <3 it!!!
wishes one day cancer would get cancer and die and never come back.
screw you life !!!
you'll have to catch me first, cause, "Tag! You're it."
Memories aren't planned to happen, they just come along when you're having fun with the people you love
thinks that you'll never realise how strong you are until you have no other choice but to be strong.
"The back of the line is there, sir." "You should use your turn signal, sir." I like being called "sir." Sounds nicer than "you fuck-wit."
says sure, life gets screwed up and takes unexpected turns. But in the end, I realize I have everything I've ever dreamed of.

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