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Facebook Statuses About Life
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I've often wondered why when people have too much time to themselves they dream shit up...then I remember...oh yeah...who gives a shit!
I think I found the "ONE" everyone is looking for, It's between Zero and Two!
is having one of them days where they sits back and thinks "actually, things is good..I'm exactly where I want to be. I'm pretty fucking happy with my lot."
When you're sad, smile! If you fall, get back up! If you make a mistake, learn and move on!
What was the first album you ever bought?
LIVE your life passionately... LAUGH until your belly hurts... LOVE like you've never been hurt
I don't need to get revenge. I can just walk away and know that someday you will hurt because I'm not there... and that is punishment enough.
Being upset is one thing..missing you is another..
for my new years resolution, I'm gonna check my Facebook notices more than breathing!
Life is like a road. There are many different paths you can take and if that path fails, try the other one. If all fail, MAKE a way.
Facebook Statuses About Life
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ever notice that the word 'believe' has the word 'lie' in it ?
as long as were all alive its nothing more than a bad day ;)
Just once I want to be hard to leave. I want someone to stay up all night thinking about me.
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Remember when your down, there will always be someone there to kick you.
When the rest of life gets tough, look to your children... they hold the beauty of life in their impish little smiles!
-Whitney A. Guinn. (:
I am not perfect, nor will I try to be, so take me for who I am or forget it..

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