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It is amazing how there are so many different aspects to life. The contrasting things that happen in life – both good and bad – are so varied and numerous that they provide endless fodder for Facebook statuses about life. Thinking of life Facebook statuses should be as easy as pie but, if you do find yourself stuck, we offer lots of Facebook statuses about life on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Life
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If the Devil never tempts you. .It's because the devil has you, and feels good about.
From now i m going to live my each day of life, like i m going to die next day
Face your fears for they will come.
Well my life sucks...anyone wanna help?
I ain't perfect never say i am i fuck up @ times make mistakes push away people who love me the most if u never made mistakes or fucked up there is summat wrong
you can't win the game if you are the only one playing the childish games
life is like a box of matches ,you go playing around with them your sure to get burnt.Kathie James
If at first U don't Succeed~F*ck It!
I'm build like a brick house, you will almost never see me cry, complain, mope around, say I'm hurt, or any thing you're trying to see me do. i stand my ground.
You are what you think. Think it today. Become it tomorrow. Nothing can help you or hurt you as much as the thoughts you carry in your head.
Facebook Statuses About Life
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If you ever find someone you really like, fight like hell to get them... Once you get them, fight like hell to keep them...
You know I will always do what I think is best, so don't get mad at me when the consequences of your actions come into play.
I'm so busy i don't know if i found a rope or lost my horse
no person is worth crying over, and the one that is worth it, will never let you do it!
Lord thank you...I just gotta say thank you..you've been kind u let me see a brand new day. thank you for bringing me through. thank you for saving me.
whats Minnie without Mickey? whats Tiger without Pooh? whats Sponge Bob without Patrick? ~
Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.--Rumi


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