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It is amazing how there are so many different aspects to life. The contrasting things that happen in life – both good and bad – are so varied and numerous that they provide endless fodder for Facebook statuses about life. Thinking of life Facebook statuses should be as easy as pie but, if you do find yourself stuck, we offer lots of Facebook statuses about life on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Life
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Often in life we forget the things we should remember & remember the things we should forget :)
True friends are like stars- they shine best when your world is in darkness!
If you don't fucking like someone might as well tell that person instead of lying to him/her everyday. Truth may hurt, but lies hurt WAY more </3
Having few true friends is better than having a large network of pretentious friends. Quality beats Quantity all the time!
thinks that you'll never realise how strong you are until you have no other choice but to be strong.
A vida é pra se viver, não para entende-lá, então vai viver ao invés de ficar ai tentando entendela.
The Bible - a GPS to life
I hate it when someone"likes" my status and it about my terrible day.
Life is a dream..once you wake wake up U will be accountable for u did in your dream!!!!!!
Sex , drugs , rock and roll , speed , weed , and birth control . life ' s ah bit** , then you die , so f*** the world , and let ' s get high !
Facebook Statuses About Life
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says sure, life gets screwed up and takes unexpected turns. But in the end, I realize I have everything I've ever dreamed of.
Nothing is ours it's just a Job..... Today I learned v important lesson 1) Don't think everyone is like you. 2) Do not trust people. Because people change with situations. 3) just do your job and forget the rest. 4) Not everyone who claims to be you friend is your friend. 5) LET Go....... It's not worth the stress...
Sometimes our tears define who we are.
Don't see your past as a mistake, see it as lessons. We learn by our Lessons!
I think I have this figured out .... politicians are a bunch of rich people convincing poor people to vote for the rich people by telling the poor people that the "Other" rich people are the reason they are poor.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Being positive in Life doesn't mean that things won't happen. It just means that you choose to not let the challenges affect your inner peace and that your happiness is worth the extra effort too look for the good and let go of what you cannot change.


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