Telling lies about people is almost always a bad idea. If someone tells lies about you, you can answer them with lies Facebook statuses, but stick to the truth in rebutting their comments. You shouldn't resort to lies of your own in lies Facebook statuses. Including lies in Facebook statuses will almost certainly rebound on you in a bad way, so it is not recommended.

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Facebook Statuses About Lies
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Don't say you do when you don't... Don't say you don't when you do... Don't say you will when you wont... Don't say you won't when you will...
I'm a fool. i keep believing your lies even when i know the truth. and what hurts most is that you don't give a damn how much your lies cause me pain
...would rather be shot between the eyes with the truth, than stabbed in the heart with lies.
Emotion behind every "I don't care". And pain behind every "I'm fine"
I'm past the point of caring so say what you want, do what you want, and just keep lying to me. it is making me realise just how much i don't need you.
I can tell when you're lying to me. I'm not stupid, I'm just waiting for you to come clean.
If you tell the truth - it becomes part of your past. If you tell a lie - it becomes part of your future.
has to admit that when I stalk a page on Facebook, I check to see what people of the opposite sex are saying. It's not out of jealousy...just pure hatred!!
Wonders which lie you stand behind, the one you told me or the one you told everyone else?
says, "if your relationship needs to be a secret, then you shouldn't be in that relationship".
Facebook Statuses About Lies
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An excuse is just failure with a sentence attached to it.
The time will come when you realize just how good I was to you, but when that time comes, it'll be to late, bc I will have found someone who truly deserves me!!
Things aren't always what they seem..people amaze me sometimes...
i don't want to hear your voice saying lies... so i guess i never want to hear from you again. :(
thinks if people put as much energy into exercising their bodies and mind as much as they do running their mouths this world would be a better place!
Is it really worth lying over stupid little stuff that really doesn't need to be lied about, is it worth losing my trust over?
Why lie? Why be fake? Why be a hater?
thinks some people are full of shit, and one day they will realise the truth when people finally hear all their lies!

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