Telling lies about people is almost always a bad idea. If someone tells lies about you, you can answer them with lies Facebook statuses, but stick to the truth in rebutting their comments. You shouldn't resort to lies of your own in lies Facebook statuses. Including lies in Facebook statuses will almost certainly rebound on you in a bad way, so it is not recommended.

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Facebook Statuses About Lies
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the only person your lying to is yourself, and that is worse than lying to me or anyone else. It's sad b/c you actually believe your lies when no one else does
Why lie? Why be fake? Why be a hater? Be yourself at all times and never let anyone bring you down!
Sometimes the hardest part of finally seeing through someone is accepting what you see...
Sometimes it's the little white lies that cause the most damage...
The shit you say behind my back is just as ugly as your false smile when you pretend to be my friend.
If someone comes to you with something I said, come and ask me before believing it. If I said it, I will tell you!
says "Achoooo!!" Oh excuse me....I'm allergic to bullshit!
is tired of lies. Tired of trying to help people that really don't want help. They think I don't know what I am talking about. They will learn the hard way.
its funny how u said u loved me then u go and tell Ur friends lies bout me behind my back
When you said you love did you mean it or were you lying?
Facebook Statuses About Lies
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A wise man once said, believe half of what you see, none of what you hear! But around this town, people believe everything they hear and make up what they see!
A lie... you have to remember what it was.
The truth will set you free and the lies will chain you down. Speak true to me and we will fly together, speak lies and I will leave you behind.
is absolutely normal! Hahaha, naahh I didn't believe that either :)
Just because i dont call you out on your lies doesnt mean i believe you. im probably waiting for you 2 make more of an idiot out of yourself b4 i bust you.
Do not mistake silence for acceptance. Just because I don't confront your lies doesn't mean I'm stupid & naive. You are just not worth the effort.
People are deserving of their words; with truth one gains trust and respect; with lies one looses trust and respect.
Talking about me behind my back says nothing about my character, but everything about yours!

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