Facebook Statuses About Lies

Telling lies about people is almost always a bad idea. If someone tells lies about you, you can answer them with lies Facebook statuses, but stick to the truth in rebutting their comments. You shouldn't resort to lies of your own in lies Facebook statuses. Including lies in Facebook statuses will almost certainly rebound on you in a bad way, so it is not recommended.

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Facebook Statuses About Lies
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...is wondering how long should you let someone lie to you before you tell them you've known the truth the entire time?
You can lie to me all you want, but I always find out...I may not say anything but knowing is good enough
When I said "THE ONE THING I HATE THE MOST IS BEING LIED TO" you MUST NOT have had your listening ears on, because you obviously didn't hear me clearly...
is really a smart girl...I can put 2 and 2 together...I can also tell when I'm being lied to...Do ppl really think I am dumb enough to believe them?
Just remember the truth... you tell once.
what hurts more than being lied to..it's pretty simple.. knowing you weren't worth the truth!
Trust is earned, not free, and until you earn it I don't believe a word you say.
Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall, you don't have to tell me who the biggest fool of all. Mirror Mirror I wish you could lie to me, & bring my baby back to me!
if ur gonna lie I suggest u get ur lies straight before u start telling them...
If you could hear yourself the way I hear you, perhaps you would stop thinking your lies are so convincing.
Facebook Statuses About Lies
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Everyone told me not to love you && that all you would do is hurt me, i ignored them...i loved u, i believed u...i listened to the wrong person..again.. xx </3
EVERYONE LIES, that's a given! But don't lie about something that I'll eventually find out the truth about. That's just stupid! smh..
I am who I am. I won't change for anyone. I like the truth and speak the truth. If it bothers you, don't listen.
even if the truth hurts, getting stabbed in the back, being lied too hurts even more
Would Christ want you to follow the lies of one or follow their truth? Honestly, if you don't know the answer to that, pick up your BIBLE, the answer is inside!
If you can't hide a lie then you should have just told the truth in the first place.
Some people think its better to lie sometimes, then to deal with the truth...I'd rather hear the truth first, instead of finding out I've been lied to.


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