Facebook Statuses About Lies

Telling lies about people is almost always a bad idea. If someone tells lies about you, you can answer them with lies Facebook statuses, but stick to the truth in rebutting their comments. You shouldn't resort to lies of your own in lies Facebook statuses. Including lies in Facebook statuses will almost certainly rebound on you in a bad way, so it is not recommended.

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Do not mistake silence for acceptance. Just because I don't confront your lies doesn't mean I'm stupid & naive. You are just not worth the effort.
Some people think its better to lie sometimes, then to deal with the truth...I'd rather hear the truth first, instead of finding out I've been lied to.
The shit you say behind my back is just as ugly as your false smile when you pretend to be my friend.
Just because i dont call you out on your lies doesnt mean i believe you. im probably waiting for you 2 make more of an idiot out of yourself b4 i bust you.
Talking about me behind my back says nothing about my character, but everything about yours!
next time someone tells you what another person said about you, do yourself a favor and ask yourself" who held up the other end of the conversation about you?"
It's not so much the lying that pisses me off, it's the fact that you thought I was stupid enough to believe you.
Please don't tell me you're here for me. Don't tell me you care. You have proven to me that the words you speak are just lies.
Friends shouldn't lie to friends...Just because I don't confront your lies doesn't mean I'm stupid & naive...It just means you're not worth the effort.
Once a liar, always a liar. They will never change.
the only person your lying to is yourself, and that is worse than lying to me or anyone else. It's sad b/c you actually believe your lies when no one else does
So tell me, how DO you keep up with all your lies?
is putting one foot in front of the other... walking away...From you & your lies. You've hurt me for the last time :(
Lets play truth or dare!>OH wait that's right...we can only play dare. You don't know how to tell the truth!
True love and respect is shown by total honesty. A half truth is really a whole lie. The truth can hurt but a lie can break a heart.
It's discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty, but not by lies.
For those people out there that lie remember this while YOU are allergic to HONESTY the rest of the world is allergic to BULLSHIT Keep It Moving!!
Wishes somebody would invent "Liar Goggles" that when worn, show you the lies people tell so you don't fall for their bullshit


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