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Girl: I love Jacob they's like so HOT! Boy: Jacob..from math class? o_O Girl: NO Jacob the werewolf DUH
You changed me ad now your gone. So why did I change at all? I hate you ~ You ! You took everything from me! My heart my love AND HALF MY LIFE! !
Things could be worse, you could be sky diving about ready to land ass first on some Cacti. Or as I like to call it, Cacti In The Brown eye.
Hey haters I'm not afraid of u so when you talk behind my back all i say is wow! i have a fan club!
Nothing will bring me Down! as long as i Got Family n Friends i don't need your garbage so take this lollipop n Suck on it!
Girls like me can only stay nice for so long. All that anger and hate builds up. When we explode... I suggest you run for your life.
if u mess with me, ill laugh it off, but if u mess with my friends, it will get real ugly real fast!
my GOD is so Glorious, Victorious. God is awesome
if I'm so nice, why do people always shit on me? Well to all those people who expect me to be nice, it's time for a change! The bitch has come to town!!!
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is taken by the man who just knows exactly what to say at all times to make me smile! (:
When you get ready to eat your words you might want to pull your head out of your ass first. Just sayin...
My question of the day...If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose and why?
While trying to find my Knight in Shining Armor, I've come across plenty of Idiots in Tin Foil...
You walk the path of life alone, you will walk it lost!
Me without you as my best Friend is like a fat kid passing up chocolate cake.You are like the sister i have never had.I love u as my sis.
Is it weird that every time the number goes up on chat I pray it`s you? <3 and when it is you and you IM me I can`t stop smiling <3 :)
When each direction you turn seems to be a dead end, perhaps that's destiny's way of saying "stay put, I am coming to find you".


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