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Facebook Statuses With Attitude
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was bored so came on Facebook an is now even more bored than they was b4!!!!!
is sticking a pin into a voodoo doll. If you momentarily checked for oncoming pain, that's probably a sign you should send me a present or arrange bonding time.
This is what happens when I get bored...U get a lot of Status Shuffle:-)~hehe
Sometimes what you need is right in front of you all you have to do is open your eyes and your heart and LET LOVE IN don't deny it..KD
read this, only wish sum1 wish as wish dumb wish as wish you wish will wish spend wish time wish reading wish this wish (now read this without the word wish)
those who are most slow in deciding to make a commitment are most faithful in fulfiling it,:)
Some people say I have an attitude problem, I say it's just a strong personality... Sorry you don't have one but I can make up for it =-)
You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue
Why tell a lie when you know there are always ways of finding out the truth. Who to believe, the one who never told you a lie or the one who always lies
I thought as I got older I would learn wisdom and patience, but the only thing I have learned is that I just don't give a CRAP.
Facebook Statuses With Attitude
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Yeah I know I'm a bitch. A bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are a part of nature, and nature is beautiful. so yeah thanks for the compliment.
I am going to ignore Facebook...starting...NOW!
Love is seeing the thing you want most in the world walk away, and knowing even though your dying, you just want them to be happy...
Say's don't b offended when someone thinks that u r me :P
I'm so tired! Why do people say they "slept like a baby"? Screw that! I wanna sleep like an 80 year old Back Row Baptist on a Sunday morning!
the more you try to push me down, the stronger I become...just remember I have a degree in "Dealing with Assholes"
honestly, wanna know something? the voices in my head are getting some pretty smart plans...i think I'll start listening to them...i feel totally evil:)
In life I am the Fruit Loop in the bowl of Cheerios, but at least I am interesting!


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