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Shiraz khan
Marriage is the education to feel about human anatomy if love is absent.
I have a new theory in life...what other people think of me is truly none of my business! #RaaBi.. hangout
Love me hate me I don't care Bcauz I am unique
Mäńû lØvè u
- I hate bitches who think that they are the sexiest piece of shit on Earth, when in reality, they look like they just came out of a cow ass.
bedtime is like a night after a day night comes nd after a night happy morning
Keramaian mebawa kebosanan Sendiri mengundang kerinduan...
ί ķήόώ ί'м "άώέşόмέ", şό ί ȡόή'ţ ςάŕέ άвόùţ чόùŕ "όρίήίόή"
Be what you want to be, don't be what people want you to be.


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