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Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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I've decided that I'm alright with the idea of human cloning. I could use about four more of me right now!
wants their status to scroll across the screen like it was a breaking news bulletin!
I don't need to get revenge. I can just walk away and know that someday you will hurt because I'm not there... and that is punishment enough.
is sending you all a HUG this Christmas, as it's the perfect Christmas gift for you ALL. Have a very merry Christmas ! <3
Roses are red, violets are blue, you hurt my best friend, no your ass'll meet my shoe
Is Wondering; if you drive down Sesame Street, will you go past the Electric company and find yourself in Mr. Rogers neighborhood?
You think your having a bad day! Your gorgeous and intelligent and have a partner yer bad day my arse!! Try my shoes on for a day then complain..
is as confused as a blonde alphabetizing M&M's!
When I die, if I go somewhere where and they ask me a bunch of questions about my life and what I learned and all, I think I'll just say NO SPEAKA ENGRISH
LIVE your life passionately... LAUGH until your belly hurts... LOVE like you've never been hurt
Christian Facebook Statuses
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If its gonna rain like Forks, at least give me my sexy immortal vampire to go with it!
loves when people ask us about our large family; "Are the children all yours?" "No, we stole some from random families while walking through the mall"
~Bitch.yeahh'walkk away:'}<3<3xx
i have found that all men have a stupid reset's located on the back of their head and if u hit it just right the results are amazing! LOL
my weekend has been so boring will_ some fine man with a six pack washboard abs come and rescue me please?
"Your world is my World, and my fight is your fight, my breath is your breath and your heart"<333
2. then say i need a life
man gives his wife blood to keep her alive. Later they split up, man says, i want my fucking blood back, wife throws a tampon at him and says ill pay monthly


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