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Lonely Facebook Statuses
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Would really like to go to bed and wake up again when the sun shines
Help me with the impossible..trusting you because everyone else fucked it up.
A study of women's heart rate & cortisol levels as a measure of stress response, found that women exhibited less of a stress response after sex!! =)
Bitch- brilliant intelligent tempered charming human
Your faith has got to be greater than your fear.
is thinking about drowning a fish, who wants to help?:p
Is it okay if i just Screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Dear Boys we burned our hair and bought new clothes and got broken hearts in return. Thanks
were not sarcastic-were hilarious
I have great friends beside me, and wonderful family behind me, a bright future before me. The possibilities are endless! <3
Facebook Statuses About Love
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***NEWS FLASH*** Your A Twat !!
bleach, check, windex, check, scrubbing bubbles, check, maid? Maid? MAID?! damn, so close
often wonders if face-book poking is a form of cyber foreplay!
"Speak of the devil and they appears"
Oftentimes we say bye to the person we love without wantin 2. That doesn't mean we've stopped loving them or caring. Sometimes bye is a painful way to say ILY
Life is like A bicycle, to not fall you must keep on moving.
U don't like me!! Well then cry me a river, Build me a bridge, And jump off the bridge into the water and drown cuz i don't like u either
Tonight Matthew..I'm gonna be flying legless ha-ha


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