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Mom Facebook Statuses
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People say that you have to be insane to understand some of the things in life... well, I'm all set!
On the top, but you just don't get it yet
Things Russia HAS: Vodka, Communism and Nukes. Things Russia Doesn't have: Mexican food or people , Democracy and Afghanistan
5 year old: you idiots that's just dad!
To be a Star you must shine your own light,
Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to make the changes we need to the most, but we are too scared to let that guard down and feel that weak.*
still wants to know what went wrong? What did I do to deserve such treatment and resent?? All I ever did was love you!
The best things in life are free until the government finds out and taxes it.
If my best isn't enough for you, then enjoy my worst.
Some1 asked, "how does it feel 2 luv some1 who luvs some1 else? " After a deep breath, I said, "it's like hugging a cactus. The tighter u hug the more it hurts"
Facebook Statuses About Hate
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I'd rather chop off my own ding dong than admit booze ain't food!
Is done with all of the lies and hurt, Is moving on. </3
things to do at Walmart:
Always tell their u love their <3 Tell their they looks beautiful <3 Kiss their on the forehead <3 Just hold their hand <3 And when you fall in love with their, Tell their.
your a poser, a liar and a fake. but i can honestly say you were my favorite mistake :)
It ain't braggin' motherfucker if ya back it up
You can't fix stupid! And you can't fix being related to it either!
My life may not be a fairy-tale but I've got my prince charming and I've got my happily ever after!!!


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