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Facebook Statuses About Life
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blond walks up to girl, blond:"what comes after x in the alphabet?"brunette "y"blond: "because i wanna know"
I love my computer. you ask why? well because my friends live in it! <3
If you want my trust, show me that you are deserving of it. But if you hurt me when I don't give it right away, you will lose my trust as well as my respect!
i maybe a bitch but suck it up i wasn't put on this earth to please a ass like you
You know its Monday when your left eye wont open and your right eye is twitching.
I've told u I'm sry. I cudnt sleep . I've cryed. wat else do i have 2 do b4 ull tlk 2 me.. i love u .. i really do but idk wat 2 do when u wnt tlk 2 me :'(
It will not be a pretty sight, I promise you!!
The little devil on my shoulder has been dressing up like an angel. Consider yourself warned
walking through life is so boring i prefer to sprint really fast,stop and smell the little flowers by a rotting stump and notice the simple beauty in life X)
What are the three words you never want to hear when your having sex with the love of your life?? HONEY I'M HOME!!!
Facebook Statuses About Life
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I swear I was wearing pants when I left the house.
I don't how but somewhere along the the long talks,big laughs and silly fights, I fell in love with you
There is no cure for backstabbing hypocrite son of a bitch that pretend to be your friend but you will found out his/her true color in the end.
That's funny sh!t, not quite ha ha snort snort funny, but still pretty funny,
sweet as sugar...hard as ice...hurt me once...i'll kill u twice
I have learned that Good Byes always Hurt, Pictures don't replace the Memories, People don't replace Friends, and Words can't replace Feelings</3
Life is like a puzzle, friends and family are the pieces, some will fit and others won't. Some will be lost and then found, but in the end it will all work out.


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