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Funny Facebook Statuses
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thinks that every girl should sue Walt Disney for making us all believe we can have a prince charming when they all turn out just to be tossers in tin foil
my wings r open im gona fly now, watch i dont shit on ur head :)
Teacher ''tom why is ur cat at school with u today ?'' Tom (crying ) '' i heard the milk man tell my mum when ya kid goes 2 school im guna eat ur pussy !''
you can do it put your back into it, I can do it put your ass into it,don't stop get it get it don't stop hit it.
A best friend is a person who knows you, and yet still loves you
Things I will not do at Hogwarts: I will not say 'Dude, get a life' to Lord Voldermort
CAUTION: is annoyed and slap happy today
behind every IDC theres some sympathy, behind every IDK theres some knowledge, behind every I'M FINE theres a lot of pain
-You DON'T know. You DON'T understand. I am completely empty inside except for anger, self-hatred, and intense pain. You can't fix me. I can't just "Cheer up!"
Dont worry. Both The things u r thinking r right!
Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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Okay, I got the map, you have the owl, now all we need is someone with a flying car license. :)
boy:"i didn't do it!"
If only karma didn't come back
Why is it that the only person that can mend your broken heart, is the person who broke it in the first place!!
3...4 we're on the floor
believes you should sing at the top of your lungs, dance like no one is watching and love like you've never been hurt
Forget about taking names, lets just kick some ass!
If you need to know something, ask your children; it seems they know EVERYTHING. We, on the other hand, were never that young and we know NOTHING...


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