Children do the funniest things, don't they? In fact, a lot of the things kids do and say on a day by day basis should be made into Facebook statuses about kids! If you have kids of your own, you already have a ready-made source of kids Facebook statuses. Alternatively, we have a large number of funny Facebook statuses about kids here on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Kids
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Random Fact: In an average day, a four-yr-old will ask 437 questions.
If people gave me a quarter every time they told me I had beautiful kids, college would be taken care of!
To see your child smile at you.. PRICELESS!!!
We hold our children's hands for a while. We hold there hearts forever. We hold our children close, and pray we never have to let go.
Moms heal their kids with a kiss, and kids heal their moms with hugs
7 year old kids have laptops. When I was 7 I had an Etch-a-Sketch
never make your children second best, they're the most important things in your life
Parenting is NOT about popularity; children don't need another friend. They need their parent. That means saying NO when that's what they NEED to hear.
CHILDREN ~ The definition of unconditional love <3
Facebook Statuses About Kids
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People see me out with my 4 children and often say, "You really have your hands full!" I reply every time with, "I'd rather have my hands full than empty." :o)
There is nothing that makes me happier than having my kids say "I love you" and them knowing they make this world worth living in!!
Put that back! Can't imagine why people would think kids could cause stress!
I would put myself in time out if I knew my kids wouldn't follow me!
Kids today have got it easy, spoiled rotten! They wouldn't have lasted five minutes back in 80's
If someone here knows of anyone by the name "Not Me" will you come pick them up from my house please they keep breaking shit!!!
The problem with today's children is that today's grown-ups are idiots.
Isn't it ironic that no matter how badly you need a break from your kids sometimes, you miss them desperately when you are apart from them?

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