Facebook Statuses About Kids

Children do the funniest things, don't they? In fact, a lot of the things kids do and say on a day by day basis should be made into Facebook statuses about kids! If you have kids of your own, you already have a ready-made source of kids Facebook statuses. Alternatively, we have a large number of funny Facebook statuses about kids here on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Kids
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Sometimes a simple hug makes everything a lot better especially when the hug comes from your child
Why do some fathers have kids with women then wen the kids are born they decide.OMG i am not ready for a family! then just go!? .yea cheers Twat!
wants to know why children will walk past their Dad, through the entire house to find Mom in the bathroom to ask their a question their Dad could answer
Oh, it's just my kids! ;-p
being a mom is hard... being a good mom is harder... being a good single mom is the hardest..
A real step-parent doesn't call their step-kids "step children". They call them "my kids" and treat them as they would treat their own!!
Why do kids have the ability to make you want to smack them and in the same 30 seconds smile at you and melt your heart?!
My #1 priority in life are my children! My happiness or love for someone will always be important but NEVER more important than my children!
I finally know the meaning of "because I said so."
Real parents will do everything they can to help their kids, to always be there for them, and show them that real love doesn't come from materialistic things.
Facebook Statuses About Kids
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It's priceless when your kids say "I Love You" just out of the blue
when i kiss my son goodnight i realize hes the best achievement in my life x love u baby boy x
~Bill Cosby~
has vowed to never look back on my life and ask "what if?" because any path that doesn't include my kids just doesn't make any sense. <3
Life of a mom:"STOP! Don't hit them! DON"T bite the dog! Why are you licking the floor? Dog toys do NOT belong in the fridge! Sit down! Whose crying now?? SHHH!"
To people who visit my home and complain about the way my kids behave... they live here, you don't! If you don't like it leave, I'll gladly show you the door!
HAS officially found her Prince Charming Hes running around my house destroying it But i wouldn't trade him for anything MOMMY LOVES HER HANDSOME PRINCE
hates the question, "what's for dinner mum?" especially when i don't know myself!!!


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