Facebook Statuses About Karma

They say that what goes around comes back around, and that if you do something bad you will have to pay for it later. Because this is a widespread belief, karma Facebook statuses tend to be quite popular. Good and bad karma Facebook statuses can both play a role in boosting activity. However, if you try to exploit good karma Facebook statuses for bad reasons, is this wise?

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Facebook Statuses About Karma
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has had people tell them to die in a hole. Well I'm a farmer and we put possums in holes. I've got a 22" so fuck off before shit becomes Karma!
Have you met karma, word is they's a real bitch;
My kindness isn't me being weak or kissing your tail. My kindness is a strategy. You will get payback for what you have done wrong to me.
thinks that karma has a great sense of humor when it comes back around. Kind of like playing tag and yelling "YOUR IT!"
Watch for the feet you step on today cuz they may be attached to the a** you'll have to kiss tomorrow! ;)
What goes around comes around. You get what you deserve!
Karma's a bitch and I like their a lot! ;)
I know I'm a Bitch but Karma is a bigger one than me SO... I think ill sit back and let their handle this one! [SN: what comes around goes around]
I named my dog Karma. That way when I say Karma's gonna bite you ins the ass, I MEAN IT!
Karma is a bi***
Facebook Statuses About Karma
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Karma is such a wonderful thing! So grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!(Save me a seat! I'm going to grab the drinks!)
Dear Karma: THANK YOU! Ha Ha Ha!! :o)
life's too short to tread on the little bullshit feuds with love one, you never know one day that love one could die and the last thing you had was that.
~Everything you do will eventually come back to either pat you on the back or kick you in the ass!~
sometimes being the bigger person means eating a little crap but knowing Karma will get their ass in the end makes it worth every bite!
Karma is a BITCH with a wicked and sometimes twisted, sense of humour!
That thing that comes around and bites you in the A$$ is called KARMA baby, and its a b!t@h. Remember that cuz I don't want to hear you whining about it later!
Its sad that some peoples lives are so bad that they have to strike out and try to take people down with them... What a pitiful life they have...


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