Facebook Statuses About Karma

They say that what goes around comes back around, and that if you do something bad you will have to pay for it later. Because this is a widespread belief, karma Facebook statuses tend to be quite popular. Good and bad karma Facebook statuses can both play a role in boosting activity. However, if you try to exploit good karma Facebook statuses for bad reasons, is this wise?

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Facebook Statuses About Karma
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"you may think I'm stupid or blind to what's going on but the truth is i know & I'm saving that all up for the day karma comes calling me asking for names.."
The Karma you get when you screw over a good woman is the bitch you end up with!
Karma's a bitch.. revenge is sweet.. wait.. sit back and laugh your head off when it comes round :D
You're so miserable in your life that you can't make friends unless there is some level of drama on your part! People don't like you, they just tolerate you!
every action has a consequence;all tomorrows are based on what you do today.Bury your head in the sand and that just leaves your arse exposed to a good kicking!
When u choose the action, u also choose the consequence..there is only so much that can be taken back n that can be forgiven...u didn't choose very well did u??
My kindness isn't me being weak or kissing your tail. My kindness is a strategy. You will get payback for what you have done wrong to me.
Dear Karma: THANK YOU! Ha Ha Ha!! :o)
.."you get what you give in this life that we live
life's too short to tread on the little bullshit feuds with love one, you never know one day that love one could die and the last thing you had was that.
Facebook Statuses About Karma
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Eventually, you'll regret what you did to me. One day you'll need my help, and I'll give you all you gave me: Nothing.
knows the one thing you can always count on is KARMA. What comes around goes around it when it does you better watch out
I wish I could see karma kicking your ass, but I didn't feel like dealing with your bullshit anymore.
There is no point in lying, because the truth will ALWAYS find it's way home!
A lot of single people out here are neglected because you are blind to quality over quantity
Have you noticed that some people seem to have chaos and drama follow them everywhere? I wonder..do they seek it, cause it...or is it Karma?
You lose friends,
there comes a time in your life where u have to step back and take a look at everyone around u and think,"are they worth all that they are putting u through?"


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