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Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world today, and the devotion of his fans – the "Beliebers" – is legendary. With Justin Bieber Facebook statuses, you can play it two ways. If you are a fan, posting Facebook statuses about Justin Bieber should work nicely for you. On the other hand, if you don't like him, anti Justin Bieber Facebook statuses should get lots of activity, too.

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Has anyone not noticed that if you look up "Top 10 Most Popular Women on the Web" on google, Justin Bieber is considered a GIRL.
friend1:the first time i heard 1time by justinbieber i thought it was a girl friend2:i know rite wen his she gonna hit puberty friend1:never he is 16 hasnt yet
little girl "daddy daddy!! why is Justin Bieber so pale?" dad "because sweetie there's no light in the closet except for the faint light of Narnia"
Justin Bieber: well im not gay, i have grabbed many girls dicks
My favourite letters of the alphabet are J and B (Jacob Black and Justin Bieber); the two hottest guys on Earth!
+ Justin Bieber = The perfect couple! :)
Dear mom, i have been kidnapped by Justin Bieber i have a very serious disease called Bieber fever the only cure is Justin Bieber I Love You Justin Bieber
90% of the American population would be sad if Justin Bieber Jumped from a roof and died. Paste this in your status if you're the 10% saying "jump jump!"
BREAKING NEWS!: a cure for Bieber fever has been found. glasses and a hearing aid to see what a mess they is and hear how bad they sings.
everything is about COD or Rhianna or Eminem or Ke$ha or Justin Bieber or Willow Smith...
So what exactly did Justin Bieber do to you again? Oh yeah, that's right, nothing, so could you please just shut up already?
says "Yea i love Justin Bieber and does have her room full of his pictures. Do you got a problem with that cuz if u do then deal with it!!"
I am jw why do you hate Justin Bieber they is cute and can sing (PLEASE COMMENT BELOW) 87% of girls would say yes if justin bieber asked them out dont lie u wud x
Fuck Bieber... I've got MAIDEN fever! m/
stop making fun of Justin Bieber! they already has a hard enough time with a boys name!


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