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Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world today, and the devotion of his fans – the "Beliebers" – is legendary. With Justin Bieber Facebook statuses, you can play it two ways. If you are a fan, posting Facebook statuses about Justin Bieber should work nicely for you. On the other hand, if you don't like him, anti Justin Bieber Facebook statuses should get lots of activity, too.

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Kid: My whole class knows how to spell gay! dad: how? kid: J-u-s-t-i-n-b-i-e-b-e-r dad: that's correct! kid: YES!
you laugh, i laugh; you cry, i cry; you say Justin Bieber is gay i slap you across the face SO HARD it leaves a mark and throw you off a bridge. :)
is running with scissors and hunting down that little Justin Bieber twit to cut those ridiculous bangs!
"mom i cant go to school" ''why" " i feel like dancing, singing like I'm five and don't know why" "well honey that's called Bieber fever"
piss me off and ill chain you to a wall and make you listen to Justin Bieber!!
if u say Justin Bieber is gay again i will show u the Jonas brothers and say what do u think now
99.7% of the girls I know think Justin Bieber will marry her someday.00.3% of the girls I know, including me, say "That will never happen because he is gay"
you laugh i laugh you cry i cry you say justin bieber is gay and i take you in to the woods and nobody sees you again
If Justin Bieber ever goes straight then pigs are flying.
If your worried about being cheated on or treated wrong well don't just obsessed with Justin Bieber=D- lol- <3
Stupid has 6 letters so does Justin,dumb has 4 letters so does Drew,and girlie has 6 letters and so does Bieber!
Yes boys. We all know when you talk bout how gay or stupid Justin Bieber <3 is we know you are just jealous. ;D
Jack I throw Justin Bieber in the air sometimes saying "AYO-WOTA GA YO!"
some 1 said that they would push Justin Bieber off a cliff then start laughing! Mess with Justin Bieber and i will push u off a cliff:D HA-HA HOW DOSE IT FEEL!
press like if you think Justin Bieber is gay.


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