Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses

Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world today, and the devotion of his fans – the "Beliebers" – is legendary. With Justin Bieber Facebook statuses, you can play it two ways. If you are a fan, posting Facebook statuses about Justin Bieber should work nicely for you. On the other hand, if you don't like him, anti Justin Bieber Facebook statuses should get lots of activity, too.

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I want to kill Justin Bieber! Slowly, so they can suffer!
Who would you rather date?? eminem or Justin Bieber???comment please
You smile, I smile; You laugh, I laugh; You say Justin Bieber's gay, I push you in front of a train. End of story :)
I'm a proud Belieber take that bitch
Me: J-U-S-T-I-N B-I-E-B-E-R
Calling Justin Bieber UGLY won't make you BEAUTIFUL,
there is nothing wrong with liking Justin Bieber hes NOT GAY
kid: Dad that's Justin Bieber
Children are crying soldiers are dying some people don't have a home,but i know theres sunshine beond all the rain,i know theirs good times beond all the pain
Once upon a time Justin Bieber got hit by a car
wonders if, before Justin Bieber had their sex changed, was they called Justina Bieber?
99.7 girls would cry if Justin bieber jumped off a cliff I'm that 0.3 percent that would shout
Justin Bieber was right, when you smile, I smile. :)
like my status if you would like to throw a water bottle at Justin Bieber :)
mirror mirror on the wall, who's the hottest of them all? JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!! <3 <3 <3 <3 dats right!


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