Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses

Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world today, and the devotion of his fans – the "Beliebers" – is legendary. With Justin Bieber Facebook statuses, you can play it two ways. If you are a fan, posting Facebook statuses about Justin Bieber should work nicely for you. On the other hand, if you don't like him, anti Justin Bieber Facebook statuses should get lots of activity, too.

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Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses
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Justin Bieber is MY white boy from Canada<3
BOY-I hate Justin Bieber YOU-No you hate that your not Justin Bieber!
BREAKING NEWS!: a cure for Bieber fever has been found. glasses and a hearing aid to see what a mess they is and hear how bad they sings.
you laugh at cats i laugh at beiber you smile at beiber i smile at real guys you say Justin beibers gay I finally respect you
If you like Justin Beiber and Robert Patterson pleas just End your life now so your condition does not gets worse or is given to someone else..Thank you for your co-operation:)
hello justin bieber I am is rizqi haykal of the world is indonesia
We all know that lady gaga needs to give Justin Bieber their balls
95%of girls will cry if Justin jumps off a cliff i will be one of the 5% girls who have a chair and popcorn saying jump you fool jump u2665
90% of girls would be sad if Justin Bieber died 1% would through a party 2% would not really care and 6% doesn't even know who they is.
Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses
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Dear God: Please bring back Jimi Hendrix and please take this Justin Bieber kid. Thank you and Amen.
spell GAY: J-U-S-T-I-N B-I-E-B-E-R
JB; You sparkle,fly,don't eat humans Are you sure your a vampire EC; You sing like a girl, have hair like a girl, and sing girlie songs Are you sure your a boy
What do you call a homosexual pig? Justin Bie-boar
The Beatles had the hair way before Justin Bieber. Just Saying
wonders if Justin Bieber is just Canada's way of trying to kill us
I love him my sister got me started listening to his music.now I love his music
I saw Justin Bieber at the mall yesterday... I told them they was gay. So, they hit me with their purse and their friend did too.


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