Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses

Justin Bieber is the biggest star in the world today, and the devotion of his fans – the "Beliebers" – is legendary. With Justin Bieber Facebook statuses, you can play it two ways. If you are a fan, posting Facebook statuses about Justin Bieber should work nicely for you. On the other hand, if you don't like him, anti Justin Bieber Facebook statuses should get lots of activity, too.

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Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses
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I'm in love with a boy who has the voice of an angel crashes into glass and get hurt by water bottles Can you guess who it is?? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Like this if you like Justin Bieber I need to know who to delete on my friends list
You call Justin Bieber GAY? Have you seen the Jonas Brothers? :O Seriously, come on people!
What's the difference between a water bottle and puberty??? The water bottle hit Justin Bieber first
Interviewer: girls don't have cocks
99%of teens would breakdown if Justin were about2 jump off a 5storybuilding.Likethis if ur partofthe1% that wouldpush them off saying,"Sorry, you took to long!"
I remember when girls thought Twilight was hot and now they think Justin Bieber is hot. Who's next? Obama?
So. I heard a rumor that someone thinks Justin Bieber has a penis. And Lady Gaga has a vagina. This, my friends. Is called Dyslexia.
Justin Bieber Facebook Statuses
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When the doctor said congrats Mrs.Bieber you've given birth to a baby boy, that was the biggest mistake ever. 15 years later they all found out that its a girl.
I've been kidnapped by Justin Bieber and have a very serious disease.It's Named Bieber Fever!!!
Dear Pattie, thank you for giving birth to our floor humping, teddy bear kissing, sexy , singing, beast, Justin Bieber! Love the Beliebers <3
Justin has 6 letters n PRETTY has 6 letters, Drew has 4 letters n CUTE has 4 letters, Bieber has 6 letters n HOTTER has 6 letters. Post if u think it true
is wondering why most people DON'T like Justin Bieber?~! put this as your status and lets find out!!
"Stay humble and stay on the right path...anything is possible." - Justin Bieber
I think i have o.j.b.d (Obsessive Justin Bieber disorder) but I'm OK with it
Why do people hate Justin Bieber? I mean I guess haters are just jealous they don't have the talent...Why else would they be hatenn?? LOVE YOU JUSTIN!


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