It is fair to say that insults are very common on the internet. More or less everyone has to deal with them, but one way of responding to Facebook statuses containing insults is to reply in like fashion. In other words, post insults Facebook statuses right back! Some say that you don't win an argument with insults, but being insulted certainly demands a response – with insults Facebook statuses.

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Insulting Facebook Statuses
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hates it when people think the sun shines outta there ass... it not the sun... its your brain sending S.O.S signals
Next year the government are going to start killing all mentally challenged people. I thought of you and started to cry. Run my little retard, run
Today's definition of a Douche bag: People who are so arrogant that they cannot take responsibility for their own actions and use others as scapegoats.
If you are having a bad day, remember, you could be a conjoined twin stuck 2 a gay brother who has a date tonight and you are the only 1 with an ass..
DAMN!!! You weren't hit with the ugly stick...You were hit with the entire frigging tree! Did it hurt?
If u don't like crazy bitches, why do u keep hookin' up with 'em? That makes U the crazy bitch!
rejection is tough, i heard that your hand fell asleep on you last night.
The short bus just pulled up. Yeah b!tch that means your ride is here, get your crayons and helmet and get the fu@k outta here.
you can be a slut all you want, cause your mom told you once that you could be ANYTHING you wanted to be, funny the trailer park led you down that road.
i never mattered to you before, i don't mater to you now, so what the fuck gave you the impression that you matter to me??
Insulting Facebook Statuses
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i like u so much I'm gonna send u to a wonderful place called unconscious land
truths in life
You say I am just a woman with a tiny brain...well, you're just a man with a tiny penis. Now we are even.
For You To Insult Me, I Must First Value Your Opinion
here lets try this:ill keep not giving a fuck what you or anyone else thinks,and you just keep doing you! lets see how that works for a while,either way works
If i offend you in any way, please let me know so i can do it again!
You're such an inspiration to millions of people; you're living proof that even stupid ugly people do, in fact, have sex
Ur mom deserves a medal for not abandoning Ur sorry ass with that face when they first saw you

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