Insulting Facebook Statuses

It is fair to say that insults are very common on the internet. More or less everyone has to deal with them, but one way of responding to Facebook statuses containing insults is to reply in like fashion. In other words, post insults Facebook statuses right back! Some say that you don't win an argument with insults, but being insulted certainly demands a response – with insults Facebook statuses.

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Insulting Facebook Statuses
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Don't be bitter at me because I'm superior to you and enjoy pissing on your self-esteem. Be bitter at your parents for mixing their genes and spawning you.
Your BREATH is LETHAL!! Did you eat a SHIT sandwich for LUNCH? Next time order a PEPPERMINT steak, followed by a LARGE glass of LISTERINE on the rocks!!
says- Has anyone ever told u that u look like u were hit with a bag of what the fuck? well u have now!
1 u can not stick your tongue out and look at ceiling
Now why don't you go slip into something nice... like i don't know... a coma?
1 out of every 3 people are idiots. Look at the person on your left. Now look to your right. Don't see 'em yet?
What pisses you off more? The fact that I don't need you in my life...or that you can't have me in yours?
1-800-DUMB ASS,,and help us find a cure today.
is thinking that that's about as gay as cum on a moustache!!
Look in the mirror and then try to tell me that God doesn't have a sense of humor.
Insulting Facebook Statuses
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is trying to give a damn.......... .............. ......... nope, not working!!
You are a boil on Society's ass.
there are some things that make you say, "hmmmmm?!" But then there are those things that make you scream, "WTF?"
says.....the sun can kiss the moon goodbye, a flower can kiss a butterfly, wine can kiss a frosted glass and you my friend can kiss my arse
thinks ur as useless ass tits on a nun
I want to say to some people "Shit is supposed to come from your ass not your mouth. Although looking at you there's no difference"
thinks certain people talk so much shit, they need a diaper duck taped to their face
regardless of how you feel about will still wake up every morning as a douchebag. i say this with the utmost love and respect.


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