Insulting Facebook Statuses

It is fair to say that insults are very common on the internet. More or less everyone has to deal with them, but one way of responding to Facebook statuses containing insults is to reply in like fashion. In other words, post insults Facebook statuses right back! Some say that you don't win an argument with insults, but being insulted certainly demands a response – with insults Facebook statuses.

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Insulting Facebook Statuses
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you want me u want them nasty u want them still should have told me long time ago fuck off now whore
4 Ur smile CZ u idiot
Looks like it's time to whip out my handy dandy Bitch-Be-Gone spray
Now I know why you are such a dick. Because you are what you eat.
says.....the sun can kiss the moon goodbye, a flower can kiss a butterfly, wine can kiss a frosted glass and you my friend can kiss my ass
... asks, " Ever seen a retard wrapped in plastic? Look at your driver's licence."
No one knew it was about you till you showed your ass. Don't blame me for your insecurity!
says," Immaturity is temper tantrums, emotional instability, failure to learn from mistakes, irresponsibility, & thinking we all owe you".Sound familiar?
still doesn't care... isn't consistency great?!
says "When you're having a bad day remember - It takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend your arm and smack the asshole in the mouth"
Insulting Facebook Statuses
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Every day i think people can not get any dumber, and every day I am proved horribly wrong.
u callin' me ugly when you know damn well you look like E.T with a mother fuckin yeast infection
I flunked recess bitch i ain't playin
I don't give a shit what you think so shut the fuck up to me loser
One sperm says to another,"Let's see what happens if we let the slow one win!". That might explain a lot about you.
thinks there's a lot people out there that deserve to have Bill Engvall walk up to them and say
***NEWS FLASH*** Your A idiot !!
hates it when people think the sun shines outta there ass... it not the sun... its your brain sending S.O.S signals


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