It is fair to say that insults are very common on the internet. More or less everyone has to deal with them, but one way of responding to Facebook statuses containing insults is to reply in like fashion. In other words, post insults Facebook statuses right back! Some say that you don't win an argument with insults, but being insulted certainly demands a response – with insults Facebook statuses.

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Insulting Facebook Statuses
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Beware the disease Idiotitis. Causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep talking. Thousands affected. May be contagious. Best defense: slap and run.
There is no cure for backstabbing hypocrite son of a bitch that pretend to be your friend but you will found out his/her true color in the end.
I respect you so much I salute you with 1 finger!
If i offend you in any way, please let me know so i can do it again!
FUCK YOU!!! Yeah, you! No not you, no, no, you! You with the stupid, surprised look on your face. Yes, you! Nobody else, just you!
I want to say to some people "Shit is supposed to come from your ass not your mouth. Although looking at you there's no difference"
The FBI is looking for a person that steals vibrators, licks balls, and likes it in the ass! What should I do, act like I don't know you?
looks like the good lord got your face and ass mixed up
u callin' me ugly when you know damn well you look like E.T with a mother fuckin yeast infection
shh I'm hiding from the stupid people
Insulting Facebook Statuses
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Says "I'm going 2 buy u a condom 2 put on Ur head... cause if Ur going 2 act like a dick u may as well dress like one!!!
you laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're an asshole.
Don't be bitter at me because I'm superior to you and enjoy pissing on your self-esteem. Be bitter at your parents for mixing their genes and spawning you.
Some People think they need a ladder to Climb up to the Pedistal.Thrown they think they Sit on. Here is A STEP-STOOL..don't Hurt yourself on the Way Up ! Get Real !
If i punch you in the face, will pork chops fall out of your ass?
I hate having to put up with your shit when I get into trouble for serving my own, yeah you know who you are, your the one who breathes my air! just wait bitch!
says "When you're having a bad day remember - It takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend your arm and smack the asshole in the mouth"
One sperm says to another,"Let's see what happens if we let the slow one win!". That might explain a lot about you.

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