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Almost everyone loves to be uplifted with an inspiring thought from time to time. Provided you don't overdo it, posting inspirational Facebook statuses will normally get a good reaction from your Facebook friends. The more unique your inspirational Facebook statuses are, the more your activity will spike. But, if you are not feeling inspired today, pick one of the inspirational Facebook statuses we have here.

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Inspirational Facebook Statuses
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Live. Laugh.Love Because, hatred and sadness will just water the weeds in your Garden of life.
Life is like driving a car. If you keep looking in the rear view mirror, you will miss what is a head of you and you may crash. Don't look back, look ahead.
Hard times are when you need friends the Most.. When your friends are there for the hardest times of all is when you know they are a real friend.
Until you realize you are the creator of your own misery you will never be truly happy
Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can
I don't want to change my past because it's the reason why I am who I am today.
Your road to success is under Construction by GO.D Start now your journey now never give up. ...Derrickug
Your words, for they become actions;
A best friend steps in when the world steps out
When things go wrong, it is far more productive to see if you can learn
Inspirational Facebook Statuses
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"You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you're still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure.
Life is full of endless twists & turns but how you weather through them defines who you really are.
Always look at the good things in life and never dwell on what keeps your head down.. if you keep your head down you'll miss the blessings.
thinks: When the Bad is Here, The GOOD IS NEAR! Stay Strong, Keep your head up, and KNOW Things WILL get better!
Friends can be anyone who is there to wipe your tears, hold your hand in hard times, or just being there when you don't want to be alone! God Bless My Friends!
u201cThe only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.u201d -Les Brown
Don't just wait for miracle, Make your own miracle.....
Do not follow the crowd or agree with the majority instead have the crowd follow you and analyse what the majority are saying .


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