Hurt Facebook Statuses

You cannot escape being hurt in this world. There is always someone who is going to step up to the plate and hurt you with ill-judged words. But hurt Facebook statuses are a way of repudiating hurtful comments. Into the bargain, hurt Facebook statuses win a ton of sympathy from friends and family. If you want your activity to spike, post hurt Facebook statuses as soon as you can.

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Hurt Facebook Statuses
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please take away the pain.
I fear going to bed at night because every time I wake up, things seem to get worse.
silence says it all..
wonders what it's called when your heart is pulverizing the inside of your ribs...oh yeah forget about the guy maybe it won't pain me anymore!?
Sometimes even a "Sweet" dream hurts cz u know something like that will never happen in reality.
is putting my brave face on, words can no longer phase me, because everything is just better that way
Yu can't be mad at me for having a wall up when I'm with yu now...your the one that laid it brick by brick
You Hurt me,You stole Me,Overall i think About you,you Hurt me
When is enough suppose to be enough? How much physical pain does one have to endure before either somebody finally helps, or the person just completely gives up
I warned you if you hurt their, I'd hurt U. U don't fuck wit best friends or sister's..Now u gone & fucked with a best friend thats considered both You better run
Hurt Facebook Statuses
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At one point in my were there for me every time I turned I am spinning circles and you are nowhere to be found...
hates when someone tries to hide things from you, yet tells you to trust them.
and when they come back...
Hiding all the pain inside..
the best part about walking in the rain, is that no one knows you're crying </3
I woke up today, stronger than yesterday...Facing my fears and wiping my tears...i'm ready to pass the day...learning to live my life without you..</3
Sometimes we push people away because we're scared of getting hurt, but then in end we end up hurt anyway. How are we ever gonna be happy living this way.
ever feel like you give and give and give but never seem to get back?


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