Hurt Facebook Statuses

You cannot escape being hurt in this world. There is always someone who is going to step up to the plate and hurt you with ill-judged words. But hurt Facebook statuses are a way of repudiating hurtful comments. Into the bargain, hurt Facebook statuses win a ton of sympathy from friends and family. If you want your activity to spike, post hurt Facebook statuses as soon as you can.

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Hurt Facebook Statuses
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Even when you are part of a big family many times you still feel alone
"Sometimes letting things go is an act of greater power than defending or hanging on to them"
has decided its time to pick up the pieces and move on with my life. Its time for healing.
says it's not up to me anymore. If you want me in your life you'll find a way to put me there... i said n done all i can
I just don't love you, don't love you no more
they say they love you and then they leave
I'm always there for you. I was there when you cried, when you were scared, when you were lost. I cared about you. So tell me, where were you when I was crying?
sharp memory is great but, in some moments of my life, I realized that sometimes the ability to forget is a lot better..
should start putting the walls up again
Hurt Facebook Statuses
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do you know why i hate silence so much? because when it's quiet, when I'm alone.. that's
If you dont like me then delete me so much for friendship u ARSEHOLE! haha BITCH :@ u make me so MAD! :@ Get a grip u bitch! :@ Ive wasted to much time on u!!
i say I'm fine when I'm not,
Saying "I'm sorry" doesn't necessarily mean that you intentionally did something wrong. It could just mean "I'm sorry" that you were hurt by my actions.
Is missing someone who they have lost for ever. I wish I could have one more day with you,one more chat one more hug.
Sometimes silence can be louder than words.
but now that someone has also changed !
No one seems to notice the pain shes holding inside and no one cares enough to look for it.


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