Hurt Facebook Statuses

You cannot escape being hurt in this world. There is always someone who is going to step up to the plate and hurt you with ill-judged words. But hurt Facebook statuses are a way of repudiating hurtful comments. Into the bargain, hurt Facebook statuses win a ton of sympathy from friends and family. If you want your activity to spike, post hurt Facebook statuses as soon as you can.

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Hurt Facebook Statuses
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You have to learn when to give up, when to walk away, Even if it hurts ... Especially if it hurts.
I miss you. The old you, the one who actually cared.
when were young it's only fun
:: somethings, just aren't ever what they seem...
Love is a verb. That means you have to DO it and SHOW it not just SAY it... otherwise it means NOTHING. Liar is a noun and YOU are a PERFECT example.
Copy and Paste if you've ever been hurt.
you said your intention was not to hurt me but u know you didn' didn't hurt me at all,nope(: you destroyed every little piece of me! hope your happy!
No matter how many times I tell you; no matter how many ways I try to show you. You just won't understand.
has just picked up their prescription for "FUKITOL" .. gawd I hope it works. Take twice daily until problem is solved.
thinks sometimes its easier to keep your mouth shut than tell people what your feeling and risk the feeling of hurt and disappointment...
Hurt Facebook Statuses
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true love means every thing but when u find it and u think u got it,it turns around and breaks ur heart.After that u feel like dieing
keeps thinking they is going to wake up from this nightmare... but it never happens.
Sometimes it's not what is said... It's what's not...
I'm Sorry I cared enough to let you hurt me .. |:
sometimes, i miss the feeling of being in love. but when i feel how much it hurts, I'd rather miss it than to feel it again. :)
Love is like a rubber band held at both ends by two people... when one lets go, it will hurt the one still holding on. :(
Sometimes, it hurts lesser when you give up hope than when you hold on to it..
thinks it is not very funny that the people who said "I'll never hurt you" are the ones that hurt you the most!!!


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