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You cannot escape being hurt in this world. There is always someone who is going to step up to the plate and hurt you with ill-judged words. But hurt Facebook statuses are a way of repudiating hurtful comments. Into the bargain, hurt Facebook statuses win a ton of sympathy from friends and family. If you want your activity to spike, post hurt Facebook statuses as soon as you can.

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i didn't build a wall around myself, with no door, a roof, and a mote, to keep people out. it was to see who cares enough to find the draw bridge and skylight..
Don't promise change, then stay the same..don't say u won't do it again and then do it..don't hurt with words then say sorry..broken promise = broken heart :( x
The hardest part is saying goodbye, but in order to get to the rainbow you must go through the storm.
There was a time when I thought I could trust you with my life! Turns out I can't even trust you with my feelings.
wonders what it's called when your heart is pulverizing the inside of your ribs...oh yeah forget about the guy maybe it won't pain me anymore!?
is scared 2 fall in love again, i don't want 2 end up hurt again. so I'm putting a lock on my heart. Only god has the key! U want it? Ask GOD how 2 win the key.
I miss you. The old you, the one who actually cared.
thinking why try, Things never change
do you know why i hate silence so much? because when it's quiet, when I'm alone.. that's
Sometimes it hurts knowing that your friend's are hurting but it hurts more when you cant do anything bout it. :(
My heart no longer bleeds after turning to stone.
its those painted on smiles, fake Lil laughs and pretend happy words everyone sees.. only a few know the REAL ME. </3
Whoever said "what you don't know, can't hurt you." is a moron. Because from what I've been through, not knowing, is the worst feeling in the world.
I woke up today, stronger than yesterday...Facing my fears and wiping my tears...i'm ready to pass the day...learning to live my life without you..</3
I lost u once and it bout killed me. You acted like u'd moved on then later flirt with me. I get my hopes up even tho i know i shouldn't then u walk away again.
hates when someone tries to hide things from you yet tells you to trust them.
I am not walking away because I have given up, it's because I am the bigger person and deserve better.
go ahead and make me cry...because my sister will pull out their bat and beat the crap out of who ever upsets me!!


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