Sometimes, housework simply has to be done, but although it is an unwelcome chore it does provide the ingredients for some funny Facebook posts. Housework Facebook statuses definitely have comedy value. If you take the time to compose some housework Facebook statuses, you will get a good response. But if you don't have time to write something, why not pick one of the housework Facebook statuses we have here?

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Facebook Statuses About Housework
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Starting a support group for OCD..Meeting starts in the bathroom and works its way to the kitchen, please bring cleaning supplies, refreshments served.
is no where to be seen right now. they is lost under a mountain of laundry. If no one hears from their in a few hours, PLEASE SEND HELP!!
is wondering: should I do laundry or just go around naked tomorrow? Voting begins now
is doing laundry. Nothing says 'I love you' like clean underwear.
having an "all about me day" ME cleaning the house, ME doing dishes ME doing laundry, and ME taking the rubbish out! Me,Me,ME. If only I wasn't so self-centred!
Any friends suffering with OCD's?... starting group meetings at my house, & if any1 feels the urge to tidy up, I wont stop u
felt like dusting, sat down quickly until the feeling passed. Whew! That was close! :)
has decided housework will now be known as "domestic engineering" and housewives will now be known as" domestic engineers"
I need to take a look at my Birth Certificate...I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that it does NOT say Cinderella
is thinking I should have left the cobwebs where the were. They could have passed for Halloween decorations.
Facebook Statuses About Housework
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's a stay at home mom, not a stay at home bitch! Till you learn to clean up after yourself, this "Bitch" is OFF DUTY~!
Dear Lord, please let me get fired from my house working job.. I tired to quit, but they wouldn't let me :(
feels like doing some housework so I'm going to sit down till the feeling passes!
Has been involved in some hot, steamy action...that's right people!!! I've been cleaning :o)
"I am going to clean today" I am going to clean today" Maybe if I say it enough I will believe it! lol
I woke up this morning and thought to myself, Im gonna go on strike and not clean anymore..but then i thought about it the only person it would bother is me.
a mother work is never done cleans and cleans only to get up the next morning and start over like they'd never raised a finger the day before
was determined to clean this messy house today. I started with my computer desk... that was my first mistake...

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