Sometimes, housework simply has to be done, but although it is an unwelcome chore it does provide the ingredients for some funny Facebook posts. Housework Facebook statuses definitely have comedy value. If you take the time to compose some housework Facebook statuses, you will get a good response. But if you don't have time to write something, why not pick one of the housework Facebook statuses we have here?

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Facebook Statuses About Housework
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is thinking I should have left the cobwebs where the were. They could have passed for Halloween decorations.
Housework never killed anyone, but let's be on the safe side...
I want to own business for clean house
laundry fairy, where are you? come out, come out, wherever you are!!!
is gonna be spending some quality time with their house friends today, u must have met them Mr Muscle, Mr Sheen, Henry & Flash !
Don't believe what they say! It exists! I've seen it! The bottom of the washing basket is a truly beautiful sight to behold!
why are all cleaning products named things like... Mr sheen, Mr muscle, Henry, when its the women who do the cleaning??
a day off!..after i clean the bathroom, kitchen, living room, vacuum, few loads of laundry, and take out something and then cook it for supper..what day off?
with the rate my laundry piles up, I am seriously considering joining a nudist colony
..Is dreaming of a warmer place..and cooking over the stove or pulling clothes out of the dryer, is NOT that place!
Facebook Statuses About Housework
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Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless they hasn't done it.
feels like the only one in the world who replaces the empty roll of toilet paper.
My washer and dryer haven't finished my laundry yet. And my vacuum hasn't even started on the living room. Lazy appliances, do I have to do everything for them?
Gotta get busy! Honestly though, I don't mind the dust bunnies. They're very good company. I've named most of them. And they agree with Everything I say!
New plan: Start cooking dinners that nobody likes, maybe then they'll take over
Quick! Get over here, my house is clean..oops too late! Sorry you missed it!
hears laundry calling and is choosing to let it go to voicemail.
We'd be millionaires by now if our bank balance grew as quick as our laundry pile! Just When you think you're done more shows up!

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