Sometimes, housework simply has to be done, but although it is an unwelcome chore it does provide the ingredients for some funny Facebook posts. Housework Facebook statuses definitely have comedy value. If you take the time to compose some housework Facebook statuses, you will get a good response. But if you don't have time to write something, why not pick one of the housework Facebook statuses we have here?

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Facebook Statuses About Housework
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says "come in, make yourself at home, you can start with the dishes."
Dear laundry. I put you in the washer. I put you in the dryer. The least you could do is learn to fold yourself and put yourself away. Is that so much to ask?
Is growing a baby, doing housework, AND playing on Facebook. Now that's multitasking!!!
And you said I can't multi-task...I'm doing laundry & Facebook at the same time : )
is fairly certain there will be dishes and laundry in Hell.
Housecleaning: all work and no pay. :(
has got a messy house to sort out and a cant be arsed attitude lol
was doing the housework, and having short Facebook breaks... but is now on Facebook with short housework breaks... much more fun!
Housework never killed anyone, but let's be on the safe side...
up with the music, down with mouse. It's time to log out and clean this house
Facebook Statuses About Housework
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Ctrl + ALT + delete ->Task Manager ->Clean the house. TA-DA! Right? Hmm, what happened? That should've worked! Oh well guess I have to manually override program
if laundry were money, I would be loaded!!!
Facebook...Housework? Facebook...Housework? Facebook...Housework? Decisions..decisions. Hmmm..Guess I'll check my notifications while I decide what to clean. =)
Need to get my butt off this chair and do something.The maid is out, gardener quit, and the animals aren't willing to fend for themselves. Here I go again
was determined to clean this messy house today. I started with my computer desk... that was my first mistake...
a mother work is never done cleans and cleans only to get up the next morning and start over like they'd never raised a finger the day before
I woke up this morning and thought to myself, Im gonna go on strike and not clean anymore..but then i thought about it the only person it would bother is me.
"I am going to clean today" I am going to clean today" Maybe if I say it enough I will believe it! lol

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