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Facebook Statuses About Housework
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having an "all about me day" ME cleaning the house, ME doing dishes ME doing laundry, and ME taking the rubbish out! Me,Me,ME. If only I wasn't so self-centered!
Ctrl + ALT + delete ->Task Manager ->Clean the house. TA-DA! Right? Hmm, what happened? That should've worked! Oh well guess I have to manually override program
is gonna be productive today... Eventually! :D
If you are sitting on your lazy arse eating breakfast off of paper plates while wearing P.J.'s with a big Pepsi stain down the front it's probably time to do some housework!! Wish me luck!! lol
is off to get some housework done...oh wait...I have a facebook request!
thinks that it's funny how so often people don't notice or show any appreciation for what you do until you stop. And then... they're the ones who feel let down.
is wondering who kidnapped the housework fairy! They failed to turn up here yet again!
has decided to get off Facebook & do their housework let's see how long this is gonna last before their phone says Facebook Message
Wishing I had an automated house that cooked and cleaned with the push of a button. That would be nice.
Read an article today that said vodka cleans so many things in your house. I tried it today and it worked! The more I drank, the cleaner my house looked!!
Facebook Statuses About Housework
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My husband wants to know why I am so tired at night? Update honey: The cleaning fairy, laundry fairy,cooking fairy, and nanny fairy all found jobs that pay.
Had a little chat with the laundry room tonight. We decided that we really need to see more of each other. We'll meet again tomorrow over Tide and tequila. :)
is going to tackle dirty windows today...whew it was hard, but I finally got all the blinds closed :- )
I will clean house when Sears comes out with a riding vacuum cleaner.
Why is it my job to clean the toilet. I am not the one with the bad aim! :/
Today is a "nothing" day, which means housework, laundry, dishes, cooking, trash, recycling... you know, all the "nothings" that pile up after a while.
is House Hunting today! I'm SURE that there is a house under all this clutter, laundry and dust!
Any friends suffering with OCD's?... starting group meetings at my house, & if any1 feels the urge to tidy up, I wont stop u

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