When heartbreak hits, is it really a good time to take to Facebook? Actually, yes it is. Many people say that Facebook statuses about heartbreak are the best way they know of to mend a broken heart. Getting the truth of the matter out in heartbreak Facebook statuses also grabs attention from readers. That's why we offer a constantly updated range of heartbreak Facebook statuses here.

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Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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has a heart that was deprived of love a long time ago, so why does it keep beating?
I want a tazer =).
What you did, has made me realize that I will never be the same. I will never be able to let anyone in.. At least not the way I let you in. </3
If you have to try an convince yourself you don't
I'm tried of staying awake and crying over what we had and you thinking it is nothing. So I'm done. You just lost an amazing person.
"No one falls in love by choice,its by CHANCE.No one stays in love by chance,it 's by WORK.
i would reach for your hand, but you'd only let me go like all the others
If you ever made to feel like a dirty secret, then you know they will never love you=(* But remember, your the one who allowed it to happen.
When you ask yourself the question, "was it worth it?" Do you believe your answer?
Thinks, when U realize I'm gone, And U miss me, REMEMBER, Your the one who pushed me away.. </3
Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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The STRONG work for a relationship; while the WEAK just give up and move on to another one.
i don't hate you, i hate the fact that you can just walk away.
After a while, mistakes are not mistakes anymore. They are choices.
loves it when some people say they care when they couldn't give a rats ass about you
I get over you, then I see you again. I try to ignore you so I don't fall for you again, but then you smile and those feelings come flooding back! <3 <3 <3 <3
those little crushes, crush your heart the most
it's your turn to understand
you are the best and worst thing that's ever happened to me.

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