Heartbreak Facebook Statuses

When heartbreak hits, is it really a good time to take to Facebook? Actually, yes it is. Many people say that Facebook statuses about heartbreak are the best way they know of to mend a broken heart. Getting the truth of the matter out in heartbreak Facebook statuses also grabs attention from readers. That's why we offer a constantly updated range of heartbreak Facebook statuses here.

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Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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Almost forgot how Disposable I am Thanks for Reminding me.
i want to be the girl u laugh with, the one u cry with, the one that's always there for u, the one who cares, i want to be yours <3
I thought its easy to forgive than to forget but i learned that its easier to forget than to forgive..
Note To the Happy Ending Fairy: I'm going to bed soon, if you wouldn't mind sprinkling some of your magic dust over me while I sleep, it'd be much appreciated..
I'm fighting back emotions that I've never fought before, cause I'm not suppose to LOVE you anymore...
You said that you'd kill whoever tried to hurt me... but you did hurt me and now I'm wondering why aren't you committing suicide ?
i understand that you're going through a lot right now and if that means me stepping aside til you figure out what you want, i will.
when you break someone heart do you have any regrets? or do you just look in the mirror and say "next" ?
is wondering when trips to Heaven will be available, because I would be first in line if it meant I could see you one more time.. I miss you xxx
Sometimes I feel like I'm broken and there's no one I can go to to get fixed. :(
Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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For all girls that like to play games: Enjoy it while it lasts... ovaries n good looks have a shelf-life. :)
my heart is like a glass, if you break it you can fix it, but they'll always be little bits of it missing
I don't know when, where and how, but we became strangers when we used to be best friends.
having a guy break ur heart and saying "we can still be friends" is like ur dog dying and ur mom saying "u can still keep it"
My heart is not your personal puppet...quit playing with it like it is!
i cry for the times i thought u were mine.
Help! My heart and my mind are fighting again! The saddest part is that no matter which one wins, I still lose.


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