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Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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sometimes in life you just have to walk away and never look back...because sometimes a person can be a really bad drug!
I never stopped loving you, I just got tired of chasing after someone who couldn't see how much I cared
Trying to forget love because love has forgotten me
Just because we aren't together doesn't me I'm not in love with u...ill always love u and ill never give up til Ur mine again ILY forever & always
I'll fall on ice, trip over a rock, fall flat one my face. But in the end it's not as bad as you breaking me heart</3
The moment you give up, is the moment you let someone else win.
if i had more love to give i would give it to you, unfortunately, i have given you all i have and see that you still don't think it is enough to make you stay.
They all tell me to move on. To be happy. So, for their benefit, not mine, I walk around with a fake smile on my face, and a broken, bleeding heart inside.
I miss your smile, eyes, voice, but most of all I miss you, cause you were my everything!
its funny when someone you loved with all your heart and would always be there for ends up becoming like a stranger again :/
Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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I've accepted I'm not worth your time. So accept the consequence, you're not worth mine.
You broke my heart.Now it's my turn to break yours.
they will chase u around 4 a while.But there is going 2 be a day when they is gonna stop and get over you, and at that moment,u will wish u let their catch you.
No sense in being upset with you... you can't help who you have feelings for or who you don't. I just got the unlucky draw. Doesn't mean I can stop loving you.
is it even worth it? To fall for someone and hope that they catch you? No. I'm done. My walls are up, and they're never coming down </3
Love is forever in are heart no matter how small or short the love was.It's there forever no matter how painfully sweet it was. Your heart can never forget.
Tears are words my heart can't say, and there is a lot my heart is saying. :(
There r some people who come in Ur life pretending that they luv u only because they need u...

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