When heartbreak hits, is it really a good time to take to Facebook? Actually, yes it is. Many people say that Facebook statuses about heartbreak are the best way they know of to mend a broken heart. Getting the truth of the matter out in heartbreak Facebook statuses also grabs attention from readers. That's why we offer a constantly updated range of heartbreak Facebook statuses here.

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Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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is hurting on the inside but is not showing it on the outside
Is emotionally shutting down today. They will be back on line when the right key codes have been activated
You'll never know how much I miss seeing your face...feeling your lips...and inhaling your hugs...I love you and will never regret anything that we had together
did you ever think, that maybe, this smile on my face was just a mask to hide the tears .. ?
Funny how many of us will fall for that one person who won't catch us...
I feel safe in the night, the darkness hides my heart from the pain. . .
If you're in my past, and not my future there's a reason for it.
the hardest thing I had to ever do is walk away from you. It's even harder knowing that I gave my all. All you did was ripped my heart into two pieces.
it took me forever to find you..so tell me what I do now that I've lost you :'(
Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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"I love you" has 8 letters in it. So does "Bull$h!t". Coincidence? I think not.
You keep breakin' my heart.well sweetie your just makin' me stronger so i can leave you dumb-ass
a heart is like a mirror. Once it is broken,you can repair it but it will never be the same. A promise is the same way, you break promises it's not the same :/.
I some times wish u never came in to my life. Your just so much pain to me. I just wanna close my eyes n wake up with no memories of u in my life.
Is it possible to get a different heart because mine can't afford to get broken anymore...
I hide my tears i hide my pain,No matter what happens its still the same.
I try to be careful with my words u2665 But one day I'll run out of things to say
They told me to stay away you were a player, i gave you a chance. Turns out they were right i should have stayed away </3

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