Heartbreak Facebook Statuses

When heartbreak hits, is it really a good time to take to Facebook? Actually, yes it is. Many people say that Facebook statuses about heartbreak are the best way they know of to mend a broken heart. Getting the truth of the matter out in heartbreak Facebook statuses also grabs attention from readers. That's why we offer a constantly updated range of heartbreak Facebook statuses here.

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Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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The best day of my life, the day you said hi for the first time. The worst day of my life, the day you said goodbye for the last time.
doesn't know how to explain what I'm feeling right now, its just... my heart hurts
Tears run down my face as you hold me, and blood runs down my back from the knife you put there. You're the one that actually lost something, me!!!
On the outside, I smile as if my life is perfect... On the inside, I cry and cry as if it's falling apart... and the sad part, I don't even know why...
You always said "I Love You More".I'd reply "No I Do".I was right. Where Are you now?</3
i may not be the prettiest, or the smartest, or the funniest, but im the one who loves you the most. now only if u could see tht. </3
& i leave the broken pieces of my heart lieing on the floor too see who's brave enough to put them back together
...Remembering you is easy, We do it everyday. Loosing you was the heartache that will never go away!
sometimes in life you just have to walk away and never look back...because sometimes a person can be a really bad drug!
I'll fall on ice, trip over a rock, fall flat one my face. But in the end it's not as bad as you breaking me heart</3
Heartbreak Facebook Statuses
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No sense in being upset with you... you can't help who you have feelings for or who you don't. I just got the unlucky draw. Doesn't mean I can stop loving you.
is it even worth it? To fall for someone and hope that they catch you? No. I'm done. My walls are up, and they're never coming down </3
I miss your smile, eyes, voice, but most of all I miss you, cause you were my everything!
Basically the worst feeling in the world is finding out the one you love loves someone else. :(
I dream of you, I think of you, but when I wake up, you aren't there.
Do u remember when i said u can have my heart forever.Well can i have it back since u killed it stabbed it a billion times then broke it into a thousand pieces!
The one you love is the one who hurt you most of the tim
Your just like the rest of them. You made me feel great then threw me to the side.. and your not even man enough to tell me why.


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