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Facebook Statuses About Hate
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it's absolutely amazing how fast people attack you once you defend yourself. if you cant deal with who i am and what I've done in MY life, fuck off.
I'm wipin' my mouth cause i feed off your hate.
If I could rewind time, then I would go back and make sure I didn't make the mistake of being with you.. </3
There's always one person that everybody else loves but you HATE.
At first I got sad, then I got mad, then I got tired...and now I'm exhausted.
I just want to punch a wall as hard as I can. I hope I miss and it hits your face.
For all those haters out there. Well...
love me or hate me, both are in my favour. if you hate me, im always on your mind. if you love me, im always in your heart.
Love me? Cool! Like me? Great! Jealous of me? Your problem! Hate me? So what! I'm me -you're not-get over it!!
yeah mentally I'm hoe because i fuck your life, fuck what you think, and fuck every thing you do... because well i just FUCK-in hate your guts!
Facebook Statuses About Hate
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I've walked MY mile to reach MY goals, so why don't you butt the fuck out of MY life and work on your own.
if u like me tell me if u love me then show if u hate me then fuck and get a life!! xx <3 #HATERS...
Wants to rip someones throat out and & pull thier tongue outa thier ass!
i thought you were my rose but your just a prick.
Haters are my stepping stones... they try 2 bring me down, but i use them 2 go higher up...
You cant talk to a PSYCHO like a normal human being 0_o
.. there is NO excuse for domestic violence, whether it be physical, verbal, or emotional, Nothing makes it right .. a leopard will never change its spots ..

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