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Facebook Statuses About Hate
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I can be your enemy with as much passion and devotion as I can be your friend!
Tell me what you're thinking... Don't dedicate a song so I have to guess!!
in a perfect world the people that i don't like wouldn't exist, but then half the population would be gone.
Sorry and promises are just empty words and forever is nothing but a lie.
: I hope you get exactly what you deserve cos sooner or later every1 is gonna realize what you are really like!!!
hey plain and simple...I FUCKING HATE YOU.
no, i dont like you anymore im not going to put forth effort to try nd talk to u, so if u wanna talk to me nd seriously talk thn u know where i am,! btw hate u
Karma is like a rubber band, you can only stretch it so far before it comes back & smacks you in the face. That's when I want to be there to laugh in your face
If your a Newcastle fan, basically, your an idiot. I'm surprised you managed to work the computer. Well done!
Says " I HATE People Who PRETEND They CARE About You When Really Its OBVIOUS They Don't Give A SHIT"
Facebook Statuses About Hate
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How can you walk around and hold your head up high. God will deal with you in the after life.
don't know whether I want to slap you or hug you - to punch you or kiss you.
You can love me, you can hate me, but either way, I'm on your mind!
if you're worried that I might take revenge on you, well don't worry. Panic instead, cause I already did, you just don't know it yet
If you can't understand my silence you will never understand my words.
If i could go back to the day i met you, I'd turn around kick you in the balls and say "Fuck off"
You hate me?! Wow, I didn't even know you existed...
After a while u get to a point where u get tired of trying, its not giving up, its just realizing that u don't need certain people...if they don't need YOU !!

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