Facebook Statuses About Hate

Did you know that hate Facebook statuses can be harnessed to secure a boost to your social networking activity? If you detest something or someone, you can post hate Facebook statuses and be sure of getting a strong reaction of one kind or another. However, it pays to be careful with hate Facebook statuses, as attacking someone online could get you into hot water.

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Facebook Statuses About Hate
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"I hate you with the same amount of passion that I once loved you with"
So I'm not going to forgive you.
Juggalo family if you don't agree.FUCK YOU
That's right, keep talking trash. I am feeling the sudden urge to take out the garbage.
don't come running back to me when you get treated the exact same way you treated me
"I fucking luv ya babe" means absolutely NOTHING to me... Be a man, and either say "I love you" or don't.
I hate racist pigs who are hateful to all Muslim's cos a few assholes who act like total pricks call themselves Muslims! WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!
Hating me won't make you pretty! IN FACT not even plastic surgery would help!
We all have to live here, maybe forever so what's the point in you hating everyone you meet and constantly bitching. It's a waste of time. xx
Facebook Statuses About Hate
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I'm trying to keep it together with a smile on my face and my head held high. The truth is, I'm dying..from the inside
Don't you just hate when someone says that you can't do something? and then you have to prove them wrong and do what they said you couldn't do?
If you like me press like. If you hate me, go away. If you love me comment now. If you think I'm really ugly well you wish.!
I think it's time for you to put your Big Girl panties on and grow the fuck up! Get a fucking life and get over yourself!
Haters are my stepping stones... they try 2 bring me down but i use them 2 go higher up...
i am so freaking sorry i ruin everyones perfect day ok!! im done trying to please people that i really cant stand!! everyone can kiss my ass!!
I have a definition for snap, crackle, and pop for people i hate: snap their necks, crack their ribs, and pop their head open >:D


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