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Facebook Statuses About Hate
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i have forgoten myself
I know you wish you were me, only because you know you screwed up, and now you regret that you did and when you lose me, you lost everyone
O.M.F.G. i don't like your boyfriend.just letting you know if the next time you see them and they is beat up you know why!
no one relishes how hard it is for me, we get some wankers in the world that annoy u or don't listen an i hate people that don't listen, :(
You know what? You can cheat, lie and hate. But when karma comes back and smacks you in the face with a shovel, I'm going to sit, laugh and help dig u into hell
I hate when Ur mad at someone and Ur fighting and they ask u r u mad at me and u just want to say: R U FUCKING RETARDED by Trista Barron ;)
Hates people that lie every time Hates people who try control what your doing Hates everyone or anything that try's to get in your way
Haters are my stepping stones... they try 2 bring me down but i use them 2 go higher up...
i am so freaking sorry i ruin everyones perfect day ok!! im done trying to please people that i really cant stand!! everyone can kiss my ass!!
Bitches hate me n Rate me..Simply Cuz they ain't me !
Facebook Statuses About Hate
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I hate when people judge a situation and they are on the outside looking in. You have no clue what the real deal is! Mind your own (o;
I hate everything about you and your drama oh and that new slut you have.
Why is spice such an idiot? We hate money. "if i had money i would do something stupid like hire lady gaga to babysit, pay Kayne west to punch Justin Bieber"
I just want to punch a wall as hard as I can. I hope I miss and it hits your face.
I don't like lairs, and I don't like whores. I guess that means that I don't like you anymore...
I hate stupid people... period!
Tell me what you're thinking... Don't dedicate a song so I have to guess!!
The shit you here about me may be true,,, but it could be as fake as the bitch who told You!

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