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Voldemort: YOU LITTLE SHIT! You Got me! That's so embarrassing! xD I love it! <3
Please don't take Dobby to heaven, take Justin Bieber instead!
If the last Harry Potter movie, and the last Twilight movie come out on the same day... all Hell is going to break loose.
Harry Potter made wizards cool again, Left 4 Dead made zombies cool again, The Dark Knight made superheroes cool again, Twilight made vampires uncool forever
Dear silly people, Whoever said words can never hurt you? Sincerely, Avada Kedavra and Crucio
Draco Malfoy would be hot if they wasn't such a idiot!
"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow, Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow."
that's life i suppose. You go along and then suddenly, poof.
Things I will not do at Hogwarts: No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class
I'm not afraid to say, I cried when Dumbledore died.
you know u r obsessed with Harry Potter when someone says "You-Know-Who" you yell out "VOLDEMORT?!"
The words of Professer Snape: "Vampires DO NOT sparkle. 10 points from Hufflepuff!"
Now every time i see an owl i yell" OMG MY LETTER HAS CAME"
I will not take out a life insurance policy on Harry Potter.
Hogwarts rule number 579: i will not hold a Griffindor vs slythryn cage match in the great hall.
"I'm team Edward!" "Well, I'm team Jacob!" "What are you?" "I'm in Dumbledore's army."
just stole Darth Vader's Light Saber and voldemort's wand and is now wondering who's next


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