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While happiness is ultimately the goal that we all seek, it can be very hard to find. However, posting Facebook statuses about happiness should bring at least a small amount of happiness, in the form of increased activity. Happiness Facebook statuses are very common but, if you are at all stuck for fresh ideas, we have lots of new happiness Facebook statuses on this website.

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I am happy with who I am, so I decided to ignore that little voice inside my head that cares way too much about the opinions of people who just don't matter.
your greatest memories aren't always about where you are or what you are doing. Sometimes it's more about who shared that moment with you.
When a child puts their arms around you and says "i love you!" It makes everything in the world alright!
"It's hard when u don't know what caused your sadness, but it's even harder when you know what makes u happy yet you can't do anything to have it."
is taken by the man who just knows exactly what to say at all times to make me smile! (:
We are not here to live up to other people's expectations. We are here to live up to God's.
is thinking bout all the things that's gone wrong 2day... now I'm thinking fuck them there's a new day 2morrow and I'm not gonna let nothing get me down !
Positive thoughts...positive outcomes.
The most beautiful thing in my day
When you are apart, minutes feel like years.
is fantastically, ecstatically, crazily, happy right now!!! Thanks to all the amazing friends in my life who make me feel this way <3
We all live our lives one day at a time...so do what it takes to be happy today even if it means you have to take a risk because your one day will be over soon.
~~Love your life, because it's the only one you get!~~
has realized that happiness is not defined by your profession or economic status. . . happiness is how much you love and are loved by your family and friends!
I don't need someone to make me happy, I can do that on my own.But is is nice to share our individual happiness together! :)
"hold on to things that make you happy and let go of things that make you sad!"
Knows Life can be happier & stress-free if we remember 1 simple thought. We can't have all that we desire, But God will give us all that we deserve!
Go ahead :) TRY to wipe the smile off my face :)


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