Facebook Statuses About Happiness

While happiness is ultimately the goal that we all seek, it can be very hard to find. However, posting Facebook statuses about happiness should bring at least a small amount of happiness, in the form of increased activity. Happiness Facebook statuses are very common but, if you are at all stuck for fresh ideas, we have lots of new happiness Facebook statuses on this website.

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Facebook Statuses About Happiness
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says, "To enjoy the rainbows, you gotta go through some rain."
Life is about ignoring the drama, laughing with friends, loving your family, and being happy with what you have. <3
says in quietness u find wisdom, in wisdom you find truth, in truth you find trust, in trust you find love, in love you find happiness in happiness you find you
Happiness only comes from putting Jesus at the center of EVERYTHING in your life. Unhappiness comes from putting yourself, others, or the world at the center.
Happiness keeps you Sweet Trials keep you Strong Sorrows keep you Human Failures keeps you Humble Success keeps you Glowing Love keeps you Going...
If someone can make you laugh when you're about to cry, don't give up on them. They're the true meaning of happiness.
Love to laugh at people who think they are defined by how much money and possessions they have. Love, good health and happiness is all I need :)
The only road to your true happiness is to discover what you want, set the goal, and then work your hardest to achieve it.. I know I am going to achieve mine
The quickest way to misery is to try to make some one else responsible for your happiness.
happiness is a choice...you should not rely/depend on others for your happiness, nor blame them for your lack of it..you are responsible for your own happiness.
Facebook Statuses About Happiness
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is taken by the man who just knows exactly what to say at all times to make me smile! (:
We all live our lives one day at a time...so do what it takes to be happy today even if it means you have to take a risk because your one day will be over soon.
is thinking bout all the things that's gone wrong 2day... now I'm thinking fuck them there's a new day 2morrow and I'm not gonna let nothing get me down !
"It's hard when u don't know what caused your sadness, but it's even harder when you know what makes u happy yet you can't do anything to have it."
Positive thoughts...positive outcomes.
I am happy with who I am, so I decided to ignore that little voice inside my head that cares way too much about the opinions of people who just don't matter.
says to all my friends today... laugh a little louder, smile a little larger, dream a little further, love a little extra and live a little happier! :D
May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy.


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