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Lollipop lollipop ooh lolli lolli lolli lollipop badum dum dum come on baby lollipop I tell you why... I bet that's stuck in your head now!! Lol
You tip-toe into your house, tring not to wake anyone up, and all the sudden you see your dog. SHH you say, then they barks. HEY LOOK SISSY IS HOME!(peace <3 :D)
the people who think they know me think I'm quiet, the people who really know me have hidden the duck tape!!
What? U think I'm not listening? No i- OMG SQUIRRELS! Sorry what?
I do it because i can, I can because I want to, I want to because everybody said I couldn't.
Yeah throwing skittles and saying taste the rainbow is fun, but I prefer to CHUCK TACOS and scream THINK OUTSIDE THE BUN!!!
"Hey Sokka, why's your forehead red?"
I'm tired... goodnight world!
now read it without the dogs :)
~Live life to the fullest~Laugh out loud~Love with all your <3 ~And remember your friends always~
Crazy? i was crazy once! my doctor put me in a room full of cheese. cheese? i had cheese once! but it was melted and it drove me crazy, Crazy? i was crazy once.
''t-i-g-e-r w-o-o-d-s'' and that's spells cheater
wonders why time goes by so quick on the weekend, but goes so slow in the week??
always together and never apart best friends forever sisters at heart :) luv ya to my girls u know who u are <3
is indeed the smartest in the whole house...I seem to be the only one who can figure out the toilet paper and how it gets on that retracting stick!
My world was made perfect by yous guys, thank you for being my friends, now can you lend me a $20
Is this Writing annoying?? Blah uh blah bl-uh blah
is logging off facebook to read a real book..yes people still do that.


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