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Funny Facebook Statuses
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Every time you ignore my phone calls, a penguin dies of cupcake-loss!
When some1 is gonna open ur closet say ''Welcome To Narnia.''
boy: Guss what my dad did not use a condom
keep an eye on your thawing lobsters
Dear morning, today is my day off. Love, me
two boys saw some rabbit shit. one said hey look smart pills so a the other boy ate them
Lets TOAST to Lying, Cheating, and Stealing. if your gonna Lie, Lie for a Friend. If your gonna Cheat, Cheat Death. If your gonna Steal, Steal a Heart!
'its a true fact that when you dream of some one they fell asleep thinking about you' i didn't know you were thinking about me last night
tonight am going to lay down on the blue banana boat with the yellow monkeys under the pink cotton candy sky what a night its going to be :)
Funny Facebook Statuses
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life has always been up & down. If it wasn't for those up & downs I wouldn't of went to the places I have been. Life is a journey! Live it to the fullest!
i really love my friends because when i am feeling down they always find a way to make me Smile! :)
Summer summer get here fast,Old man winter you can kiss my A%&!! ~JB~
It's gonna be awkward when Rhianna finds out they's not the only girl in the world ;)
Guys,want to no what a girl wants in u??
Did you konw taht ntniey prencet of all polepe can raed any stnecne as lnog as the fsrit and the lsat ltetres of ecah wrod are in teihr rhigt palecs?
Some people say i don't pay attention but..
is as bored as a gay man in a hot tub full of lesbians!

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