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When i eat my cheerios i eat them 2 at a time so they don't feel lonely getting eaten
I know that holding a piece of paper in front of your face won't save you from a thrown rock, but I doubt holding scissors or another rock will help much either
when you go in the fridge, sit down, and check the fridge again to see if any good food has magically made its way in
Laughter, my drug of choice. At least until its taxed or regulated ;)
Sometimes you just gotta say "to hell with it!" & do it anyway! Have no regrets..Whats done is done...And at the time...It sure was fun ;)
Tax time is like Christmas for single moms.CHA-CHING! Lol.
If you are my friend, and you love me, and think I'm awesome, comment below!!
Falling down stairs is easy. Now falling up stairs, that takes talent. Talent that I have...
We take for granted the simple things in life. Remember that these things are the most enjoyable things to do. So go out today and do something simple!
Do you know the German word for brassiere... Stopemfromfloppen
will the person with the key to my heart plz step forward?
if multi-tasking was an Olympic sport, I would win the gold medal.
They say you are your parents ,well my mother had a heart of gold and my father had a iron fist . So i can either be your best friend or your worst night mare.
there should be "collaborate and listen" printed under a stop sign
Dont you hate those people that post deep quotes from deep authors...then tells you that they crapped on your front yard? Oh btw..You might want to wait a min.
there are many things I do on the first date and sleeping is definitely not one of them ;)
BOY 2: Cause every time i fucked Ur Mom they gave me a cookie!
don't ever change! because there is nothing wrong with perfection!!!love you bitch! you rock the shit out of being cool! you fucking sexy bitch!


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