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I was told my body is a temple that I should treat it as such, I said "No its an amusement park, wanna take a ride on the big roller coaster?" HAHAHA
when in doubt about doing homework just eat ice cream and it will melt away all the problems! :)
Justin Bieber spends $1500 a month on their hair! TOLD YA they WAS A GIRL!
just walked into a store and asked for coke they said is Pepsi OK i said fine is monopoly money OK!
is sure selling sea shells by the sea shore is a somewhat misguided business venture but better than looking for the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
open the door and find out moron
What is this normal everyone talks about? Is normal contagious? Do they have a cure yet? Until there is a vaccine please...just don't touch me!
Love is when they raises the covers after they farts and says "Smell that one!" and you just smile and say "Nice one" while holding your breath. ;)
could the parents of "not me" "I don't know" and "I didn't do it" please come get your kids? They are driving me crazy!
Me: FUCK DA POLICE! Best friend: haha shut up Me: the only good cops a DEAD ONE! <3 hehe <3
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It's so cold even Superman's wearing their long underwear on the inside!
I'm not ignoring you! My fingers are just very interesting in my ears.
You can learn a lot from a person especially when you watch them through high powered binoculars, i am just saying..
The reason why men were made before women is because they had to make a rough draft before perfection ;)
Worry about your character, not your reputation because your character is who you are, & your reputation is who people think you are.
always together and never apart best friends forever sisters at heart :) luv ya to my girls u know who u are <3
is indeed the smartest in the whole house...I seem to be the only one who can figure out the toilet paper and how it gets on that retracting stick!
You tip-toe into your house, tring not to wake anyone up, and all the sudden you see your dog. SHH you say, then they barks. HEY LOOK SISSY IS HOME!(peace <3 :D)

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