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RATE ME:] 1: NUTTER!! 2: Marry you 3: Sarcastic; 4: Fancy you 5: Drinking buddy 6: MOODY : 7: Dumb? 8: Spoilt 9. MOODY :@ Write your answer in a comment
God if you wont make me skinny please make my friends fat.joke. of 1?!
Say's: Bend the end a bit;Then PUSH it in the hole, BLOW to make BUBBLES.And suck it to get the juice...
I'm ready .. BRING ON THE SNOW!
I look, I stare,
OMB!! From--- Full of Life--To Sappy--to Bitchy--to I'm so sorry--to Leave Me the Hell Alone--to Cuddle Me---at RECORD SPEED!!! Now That's moody!
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Hide the weed because police lights are too!
admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof!!
Funny Facebook Statuses
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Geography Teacher to thick boy: Where are the andies? Thick boy: *blinks* at the end of my armies!!
There's a bear on my penis!
Don't read this. I said don't. Why aren't you stopping? OK read on if your stupid. Still reading? Thought so... Always knew you weren't right in the head.
If you compared Family Guy-American Dad, you would see they have critical pet, the stupid dad, the saucy mom, the moron of a son, and the drama queen daughter.
A window of opportunity for me usually involves a rock...
Blondie walks into the room: Does anyone want to go out with me?! Guys: Why? Blondie: Because in 2012 every SINGLE person will die! Post this if you get it:)
If I told you I would answer ANY question with complete honesty, what would you ask me?
is sitting and drinking with a blow up doll next to them for when hes to drunk to remember anything

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