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whats the hottest part in the sun?
Why, yes, I have tripped up stairs... It is much less difficult than you would think...
Hello! Hello! Is anybody there? Gosh if walls could only talk!
Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and the world cries with you. Fart and you're on your own
Dear Damned Souls,
Weird Fact: Coffee drinkers have more sex than non-coffee drinkers. They also enjoy it more.
i can do this...i just need some duct tape, a thong, some green jello, and a golf club. now meet me at K.F.C. in an hour! we're going to Alaska!
Get robbed on the street by a stranger, it's called a mugging, get robbed by your government, and it's called "taxes" ;)
trust is the hardest thing to win, but the easiest to loose...bit like reputation, a balloon, or virginity, 1 prick an its gone
i can't recall much from last night, but i am 100% positive that a leprechaun drove us home.
Funny Facebook Statuses
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"I'm bringing sexy back." dude, shut up. you made it leave.
"You don't stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun!
Some say the glass is half full, others say it is half empty. I say, Oh look a margarita. AWESOME!
they said shes the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island with what ass? Pancake ass! <3 JWOWW <3
You know its cold out when you drive through Montana and people are not wearing shorts and mini skirts.
Little girl "Justin Bieber is a girl" Mum " SHHHHH don't say that, that is an insult to girls everywhere"
The only good thing about a 42 inch television is being able to see all of Taylor Lautner's abs!

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