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I'd catch a grenade for ya, If the pin was still in. I'd throw my hand on a blade for ya, If it was dull. I'd take a bullet to the brain for ya, If it was Nerf.
Hates when your 83 year old grandma starts dating a 51 year old creep!
What did the suspenders say to the pants? "What's Up, Britches!"
Plenty of fish in the ocean. But I know you want me.
has decided to give up all moaning and groaning not associated with sex!
loves waving to pple you don't know cause you know there just gonna be trying to figure out who u and that's ALWAYS fun
I know that you know that I know what you know and you know what they know so I know what you know they know, you know?
Ways to get kicked outta walmart #485 walk up to anyone in the store and say "Your a wizard Harry"
What song immediately puts you back in school with a car full of friends singing at the top of your lungs? Come on , we all did it!
Funny Facebook Statuses
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is going to be Burger King & you'll be Mc Donald's , I'll get it my way & you'll be loving' it . ! Ha Ha
My Franz:we r tight like shoe strings bonded like Scooby n shaggy love like romeo n Juliet and together have the strength to take u all DOWN!!!
just bought their epileptic mate a strobe light for their birthday... they's gonna have a fucking fit when they sees it!!
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Bitch i know i am perfect but i can tell you that you're not a barbie doll
I come from a good family that instilled lots of values upon me. I'm very thankful 4 my upbringing because it made me who I am today.I love my family& my Life.
Thinks it's funny that the little home-wrecker hasn't figured out he's cheating on her
is in serious need of a vacation

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