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Research shows that funny Facebook statuses are the ones that generally get the most positive reaction from readers. Being light-hearted and funny is definitely the way to win approval from large numbers of Facebook users, and funny Facebook statuses are the best way to go about it. For those who are not naturally funny, there are lots of Facebook statuses about funny things available here.

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Funny Facebook Statuses
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I'm not good in relationships. My last relationship ended when I didn't open the car door for her. Instead I just swam up to the surface.
I would love some Starbucks right now
That awkward moment when your belt loop gets caught on a door and youre all like ''LET GO OF ME SATAN!!!''
I listen to music everyday, no matter what mood I'm in.
I’m a social vegan. I avoid meet.
Mosquitoes should suck fat instead of blood
The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid people are full of confidence.
Sometimes, when I don't want my girlfriend to find something, I put it in her purse.
I must be allergic to peanuts. I break into a rash every payday.
That awkward moment when you're walking down the street, remember something funny, and can't stop smiling like an idiot.
Funny Facebook Statuses
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Say this out loud fast: ''U R 2 6 C I 1 2 4 Q.''
Yall mad Chris Brown fought Frank Ocean? C'mon, guys. Let's give Chris Brown credit. At least he's starting to fight men.
To all those that received a book from me as a Christmas present... they are due back at the library today.
I wish my GPA looked like those gas prices
''Hey Mom?'' ''WHAT?!'' ''Never mind you're in a bad mood.''
There is no one more trustworthy than Clark Kent's dry cleaner.
Some people don't realize they're bad drivers because they can't see the signs.
The flu has totally gone viral.


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