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Funny Facebook Statuses
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If coffee were beer I would be on my third beer of the day!
Describe me in one word ________. You may regret sending this to everyone but do it, u may like what u hear!!post on ur wall
is happier then a gay guy running through a corn field backwards!
HEY! finally, the men in white jackets came to take me away to the bouncy room! YES! :{D
" Note to self " - Stay Single ! =)
would like to advise that they can only please one person per day. Today is not your day, and, frankly? Tomorrow isn't looking too crash hot either.
sometimes i ride my bike WITHOUT a helmet...oooh oooh and i color outside the lines, im just a rebel at heart!!
why you all up in my kool aid and you don't even know the flavor!
has found the "Parent Hand Book" and confirmed Job Description #71 states: A purpose of the parent is to periodically annoy the child, just because they can.
Just came back from the dentist and my mouth is sore! I felt like I been eating glass and metal!!!
Funny Facebook Statuses
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When you were a baby u slept your parents were proud now when u sleep they think ur lazy.
Elementary school where did they go
You:Because their balls r being tickled by the grass
Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to make pinching your elbow hurt?
What do you call a chicken with no arms?
B Barely there
It is not who you are but who you become through life. We live, make mistakes, and we learn, and if you learn well you become wise.
Tell me one thing you love about me and one good memory!

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