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Research shows that funny Facebook statuses are the ones that generally get the most positive reaction from readers. Being light-hearted and funny is definitely the way to win approval from large numbers of Facebook users, and funny Facebook statuses are the best way to go about it. For those who are not naturally funny, there are lots of Facebook statuses about funny things available here.

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Funny Facebook Statuses
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If there's a bar where everybody knows your name, you're probably an alcoholic.
What happens when Batman sees Catwoman? The Dark Knight Rises.
I wish I could have the Price Is Right audience around whenever I’m making important life decisions.
Remember when the “M” in “MTV” stood for music and not morons?
I was at the pool today and tried to sneak a quick pee in the deep end. The lifeguard must have seen me. He blew his whistle so loud that I almost fell in.
I didn't give you the earned it.
When someone says to me great minds think alike, I just look at them and think “you dirty bastard”.
Mosquitos are like family. Annoying but they carry your blood.
And then God said, “Seems unfair to have given man an extra limb so to balance it out I’ll give women the power over which to control it.”
How inconsiderate of that cop to pull me over. It should have been pretty obvious that I was in a hurry.
Funny Facebook Statuses
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The original creator of the phrase “common sense” surely didn’t know many people.
I’m planning to adopt a dog soon, it wasn't my first choice but my doctor told me I can’t have any biologically.
Twitter is proof enough that people should not be allowed to name themselves.
My kids are the reason I wake up every morning. Really freaking early. Every...Single...Morning...
Casual, but fun. An extra "t" there can ruin your night.
My man-animal chimeras have been declared "unethical". Something to do with "human guinea pigs"
I’m just going to put an “Out of Order” sticker on my forehead and call it a day.
I knew a girl that used to run outside naked every New Years. Sadly this year that streak came to an end.


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