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Funny Facebook Statuses
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'No Payments until 2013'
hey there is something on your face..*PUNCH*.. it was pain!
I don't have a big enough bag for all this BULLSHIT your handing me.
I type great, it's not my fault my keyboard is possessed !
hey Carl whats up...i just blew some hillbilly named Carl's mind
Marry me till the end of the year. Post below I DO or I DON'T. And see how many husbands or wife's you get.
OK I'm I gotta be at 'em? =) Happy Friday, FB peeps!!!
Scooby loves Shaggy. Tigger loves Pooh. Dora
they-yo I like geeseo
I used to say to my mate ill catch a grenade for you but now after they pissed me off ill be the one throwing it at their :D
Funny Facebook Statuses
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reports day !the day wen u actually come 2 know that u have appeared an exam !!!
Karma...its very hard to wait for but when it finally gets here...its so worth the wait.
your heart lives in your so, that has nothing to do with love.
Nice going losers , Blame it all on the cute evil and funny ones , Like me . You only blaming it on me because you jealous , Don't lie . ;)
Great Minds create ideas. Average minds create events. Small minds, (and those without one), create rumors. Break the cycle. Shoot the stupid people
wonders when you chuck a Emergency Chocolate Bar at a robber and say, " Where are the cops?" :3
True love is never having to say, "Baby drop the butcher knife and step away from my balls!"

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