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Some girls DREAM of having a knight in shining armor. i HAVE something better... a dork in an x-box headset ^_^ <3
wonders what I would look like if I was the BMI & weight that my Wii Fit recommends??
..wonders how Hitler felt when they saw their gas bill?
poke wars... I WIN! I've already won! hahaha give up whyl you still can!
Back in my day, if I wanted to "download" a song, I used to put a cassette tape in my radio & wait for a cool song, then hit "record" REALLY FAST! lol
Live life the way you want to! Dress outrageous, Act Crazy, Meet new people, Say what your thinking, Love Everyone and HAVE FUN!
always starts the day with good intentions . . then I get out of bed and that's normally where it all goes wrong! ;)
this bloke told me they was the Invisible Man , but I saw right through them ...
Party Mode - [ON] OFF
Has decided that today they will be awesome
I'm not fat, I'm allergic to food and it makes my body swell up.
Emily: Where's my compliment!
says if it is good and you enjoy it, you can bet it is either illegal, immoral or makes you fat!
one thing me and you should do before the end of the year ________________
It's" fuck ya Friday!"
Question of the night- What is your favorite movie quote?
No animals were harmed during the making of this status. Well, I did elbow the cat whilst typing, but they's fine now.


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