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Funny Facebook Statuses
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Hunting is easier for vegans because it’s easier to sneak up on plants.
I shurvivfed the dentisht wivout any notishable shide affecshss
I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I’ll let you know...
Is a rivalry between two vegetarians still called a beef?
( • ) ( • ) You pervs! Those are nice owl eyes, huh?
Life would be perfect if some girls had mute buttons, guys had edit buttons, bad times had fast forward buttons, & good times had pause buttons. Live, laugh!
I asked my wife what women really want and she said attentive lovers. Or maybe it was "a tent of lovers." I wasn't really sure, but was too worried to ask.
The Fourth of July is an annual reminder of how useless my dog would be in a war.
I want my casket to have a crank on it that plays the jack-in-box music.
Dear Monday, why are you following Sunday? don't be a stalker!! :D
Funny Facebook Statuses
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A sign on the wall of the drug store said, "Ask the pharmacist if you have questions." How would the pharmacist know if I have questions?
I'm actually really nice, until you annoy me.
I don't Judge People,.I just laugh at them.
I prefer to call it a “Ta-Da” list. Cause it’d be amazing if I actually accomplished anything on it.
The original creator of the phrase “common sense” surely didn’t know many people.
Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's an Instagram filter.
Sometimes I wake up grumpy, and other times I just let her sleep
I hate when the Doctor asks awkward questions. "Are you sexually active?" Depends on what you mean by "active". There are plenty of "active" volcanoes that haven't gone off in over 50 years.

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