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Face Book!..Eliminating the need for school reunions since 2004..
Fuck the fountain of youth!!! Show me a fountain of intellgiance and I will be Moses and lead the ignorant there!!
If your man don't eat pussy, he's a pussy
i wanna prepare light soup should i use light????
People die every year in vending machine accident.How are we still at the top of food chain?
The little boy asked his father 'DAD how much does it cost to get married? Father replied 'I dont know son. Im still payimg
You don't own me!!!
Are mosquitoes wild or domestic animals ??
can drive lawnmowers drive cars
Are mosquitoes wild or domestic animals ??
I'm going to stand outside.. If anyone asks, I'm outstanding..
Why were the twinkies so mad?.. Because the ding dongs were fucking the ho ho's. Lmao!
No matter how photogenic you are..Your ID photo will humbe you
Can't think of anything, OK let's do it dis way, recall all d old funny post and start laughing.
Invitation: Guys I'm Having A Braai At My House Later On Today And They'll Be A Whole Lot Of Meat To Chow And Free Booze To Give Away. If You're Interested And Think It's A Good Idea, Then I Suggest You Do The Same At Your House :)
Why were the twinkies so mad?.. Because the ding dongs were fucking the ho ho's. Lmao!


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