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Along with family, friends are at the heart of the Facebook experience. Paying attention to your loyal friends is necessary from time to time, and you can address this with friendship Facebook statuses. Posting nice things in Facebook statuses about friendship on a friend's Wall is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, who may respond in kind by posting friendship Facebook statuses on your own Timeline.

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You laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You fall on your butt, I laugh again!
girl: Me and ______ broke up!!
: if a girl doesn't put a smiley face or a kiss at the end of their text, you know you've done something wrong. Then if they puts 'k' ..you know it's serious.
to have a friend is not just a gift, it is an honor.
everyone has baggage, it's who you choose to help you carry it that makes the load easier to bear :) Just a thought
I have friends that are always there for me watch me succeed, saw me fail, cheered me on and kept me strong. Friends are always the best
I love my weird friends, they keep me balanced, always there for me, and when I feel weird they make me realize I'm perfectly sane.
I'm so happy i have someone i can trust with anything ! i wouldn't trade my best-friend for nothing in this world!!!
have you ever thought that when your friends come gossiping about everyone else to YOU, maybe they go gossiping about you to EVERYONE ELSE?
yes my friends are crazy.do you have problem with that?cause if you do,my fist and your face will get to know each other very well!
all good things start with a smile =]
BFF: okay...where the f*ck is they I'm going to break their f*cking face!
Do onto others as you would on to you.. But if they fuck with your family then its time to bring out the shotgun ;P
All i want is to hear from you, a text, a call or even an email. Something, anything to show that you think about me <3
likes when you add all your friends on Facebook but never talk to them :D
missing your friends makes you realize how much they mean to you :)
is so very thankful for their friends...they are the perfect mix of sanity and insanity. They re-energize me everyday.Thank you! {:
You are perfect just the way you are <3


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