Facebook Statuses About Friendship

Along with family, friends are at the heart of the Facebook experience. Paying attention to your loyal friends is necessary from time to time, and you can address this with friendship Facebook statuses. Posting nice things in Facebook statuses about friendship on a friend's Wall is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, who may respond in kind by posting friendship Facebook statuses on your own Timeline.

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Facebook Statuses About Friendship
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No one understands me like you do. You are my rock, keeping me grounded to reality. Without you in my life i feel lost and alone. I miss you friend.
I have amazing friends!!
tears come from mostly hurt from guys hurting girls whet don't the girls grow a back bone and say fuck you. you never loved me so why are you still here!!
My plan is to forgive and forget but i Forgive myself for being so stupid, and forget you ever existed!
Thinks that it's easy to say you are someones friend, but it's much more believable if you do something to show it too.
friends are like candy bars they can melt away...sometimes it's a good and bad thing.
we will always stay friends but you,ll never realise how much it hurt,s too be just that and nothing more :(
Some things are just meant to be together forever... Sand and Sea, Moon and Stars, Thunder and Lighting, Me and You Baby.. I LOVE YOU <3
how can i smile at the sun when i want it too be the moon?
To be a good friend doesn't take much ,a shoulder ,an ear , some understanding, and not even have to say a word to make u laugh/smile
Facebook Statuses About Friendship
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Why is it that when something bad happens everyone looks at me??
Real friends don't have to speak to or see each other daily to remain in each other hearts always:)
friends are fun sometimes they are not because they make you cry but my friends are nice accept for one right so i just ignore them i wish i had true friends.
My prayers are with all the people affected by the Queensland floods. May good things come your way very soon xxx
You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help them find it within themselves. ~ Galileo
I might be annoying, different, and crazy but once you get to know me I'm funny, loving, and I'll kick any ones butt who's mean to you :) - C.C. :)
I <3 u so much but I think we have different vibes.We need to sit down and figure this out,sit down,and talk about it.I don't want things to be awkward after <3


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