Facebook Statuses About Friendship

Along with family, friends are at the heart of the Facebook experience. Paying attention to your loyal friends is necessary from time to time, and you can address this with friendship Facebook statuses. Posting nice things in Facebook statuses about friendship on a friend's Wall is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, who may respond in kind by posting friendship Facebook statuses on your own Timeline.

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Facebook Statuses About Friendship
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i love those random memories that make you smile no matter what is going on in your life. =)
too put those you love first shows courage and friendship, too put yourself first shows cowardliness and selfishness.u00e2ufffdu00a5
yes friends will allow friends to do stupid things...in fact they usually promote it!!
Thanks for being the friend who's always believed in me, who's always understood, who's always accepted me, who's always cared.
you no what if you don't like me telling my m8s that u bin saying s**t bout em then f**k off!!
my bitches are the best bitches ever! x love you! x
I cant promise we wont face storms but i promise to be by your side holding your hand playing in the rain, oh and making sure you don't get hit by lightening :)
Once you have a baby you realise who your true friends were. I'm thankful for the ones who stuck around and the ones who didn't well FUCK EM.
some things are worth waiting for...and some things are worth chasing
Thank you for being such a great friend,
Facebook Statuses About Friendship
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If you love someone give 1% to them and 99% to yourself and friends because when that person leaves you and the only thing u got are your friends:)
choose your friends wisely they can turn on you in a heart beat
Friends will always be the 1 to fuck you over ,cause you never let your enemies get close enough to
I want to like your status, but we don't really talk, so it would be awkward I have met some wankers in my time, but you mate are number 1
I'm not somebody who will go out of my way to hurt somebody when i love them... I'm somebody who will go out of my way to get hurt for the people i love!
Is testing their friends if you love me and like me as a friend comment your name and tell me what got us to being friends?
happy birthday boo we love u and miss u bro...rip boo...
A true friend may not always be there for you when you want them to be, but will always be there for you when you need them to be.


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