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here it goes so no one feels left out: like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like like so if u didn't get a like from me today take one of these
Regardless who or what knocks you down...Ill be there to help you up. Cause your MY friend and that's how we roll!
true friends can go a long time without speaking, never question the friendship, don't hold grudges. But understand life is busy & you will always love them !
Why Be Friends with some one you thought you could trust then you turn around and they tell your secrets and STEAL your BOYFRIENDS!!(Bitches)!
we will never die alone juggalo's will carry on swing our hatchets if we must each and everyone of us
anger isn't becoming of beauty,so if your judging a pageant, look inside too;no 1 is perfect that is for sure, just remember GOD LOVES ME anyways&wants YOU 2
No man is a failure who has friends.
Solving a problem in a friendship is hard..But letting that friend go is even harder. but sometimes its the right thing to do.
With every passing day we do not talk... my heart breaks even more. There is now an empty spot in my soul.
It's sad when a stranger acts more like a friend then people you've known for years..
Remember you can't bullshit a bullshitter!
is thinking boys say they love then dump u. But friends will always have your back. They will cheer u up. They will do any things. But boys what do they do?
From the first time we might to the last time we spoke you are like a dream a will never let go.
a true friend is the one you never fight with,,you never get mad at them,,and you cant imagine life without them. i have one of those,its you :)
dogs DON'T JUDGE you they love you for you so DON'T JUDGE them by the breed they are JUDGE THEIR OWNER
True Friends are really HARD to find, You can have million of friends, but you can count on your fingers who has been true to you and loves you for what you are
I am me. Me is all i can be. If you don't like me. Then you might as well not know me. So bugger off and carry on being you!
I loved and I lost. But now I hold my head high because I have learned to love again <3


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