Facebook Statuses About Friendship

Along with family, friends are at the heart of the Facebook experience. Paying attention to your loyal friends is necessary from time to time, and you can address this with friendship Facebook statuses. Posting nice things in Facebook statuses about friendship on a friend's Wall is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, who may respond in kind by posting friendship Facebook statuses on your own Timeline.

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Facebook Statuses About Friendship
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I'm so tired of poking why can't they make a slap button?
I miss the person I could tell anything, the one that I shared secrets with, the one I had crazy adventures with. All I'm trying to say is, I miss you.
i think everybody should tell someone they hadn't seen/ spoken to in a while that they love them, I'm sure they need it. make it a goal for the weekend =) <3
when picking friends don't b there friend cause shes popular, pretty, rich pick their because shes like u or cause or shes kind and can relate to u :)
is sticking a pin into a voodoo doll. If you momentarily checked for oncoming pain, that's probably a sign you should send me a present or arrange bonding time.
doesn't understand how people can continuously say love me as I am or leave me-- even if I'm rude, obnoxious, or impersonal to you. So--hows that workin for ya?
You know who your true friends are because they take you for who you are and don't tell you what to do. I have 1 true friend and that is you. I love you. <3. x
Sometimes once a bridge is burnt, it's not worth re-building.
i want everyone to know that my mum is the best mum in the world! like if Ur mum is the same xxx <3
We're best friends. You cry, I cry. You laugh, I laugh. You fall of a cliff, I laugh even harder
Facebook Statuses About Friendship
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finds it amusing that they's done nothing wrong, apart from ask to be excluded from an awkward situation, and yet they's being cast as the villain! Amazing! *~*
u2665 music is my life, music is my therapy u2665 EMS
friends have a way of making u smile when all u wanna do is cry but best friends well they kill the little idiot that made u wanna cry in the first place 3:)
Comparing body types is like comparing fruit. There's no comparison. They are all tasty and all different shapes and all good in different ways.
Friends are all around.True ones will stay by your side! Especially when you"re down.And be there w/ arms opened wide! Keeping me up & not on the ground.THANKS!
wants you all to leave details of one song that reminds you of me and explain why.
I'm black tall And skinny wot!..
You know something bad is about to happen when one of your friends says "Y'all watch this"


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