Facebook Statuses About Forgiveness

When you get yourself embroiled in a Facebook flame war, there always comes a time when it is better to forgive and forget. Forgiveness Facebook statuses are a way to bow out of an argument and take the high moral ground. Facebook statuses about forgiveness are sure to get some reaction. But, if your enemies respond negatively to forgiveness Facebook statuses, you can always go back on the attack!

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we all make mistakes some big some small, but the person you love will forgive them all <3
Just because-- I forgive...Doesn't mean I forget
wonders why they gave the people who hurt their another chance. when deep down they knows they can never trust them again!
It is possible for a difficult or broken relationship to be restored to a place of health and emotion again, demonstrate love, and forgive.
Healing past hurts means you have to first confront them, resolve them within yourself, forgive, then be silent to learn who you are. ~Erin Al-Mehairi
My biggest regret is hurting those I loved most. My biggest hurdle is forgiving myself.
I've pissed off a lot of people in my life, and yes, a lot of people hate me. But to be completely honest, if you're reading this, I will always love you. <3
Christmas is a great time to forgive someone even if they haven't said that they are sorry.
The greatest talent you can possess is forgiveness of those who persecute and hate you.
Forgiveness is just a key to opening one door and looking forward to the future. Forgetting is just another key to lock the door behind you to forget the past.
gives genuinely, loves entirely, laughs vibrantly, & forgives uncomplicatedly.
feels that if you hold on to past hurts you allow that person or situation to exert power over you. LET IT GO! Forgive & Forget since we are all imperfect.
I'm not gonna b one of the people who says "I don't have any regrets" because I do. But I'm also not gonna b one of the people who lets my past ruin my future.
Going to church doesn't=being a Christian. It's much more than that! It's loving the unloveable, forgiving the unforgivable& knowing God's love makes it happen
Forgiving someone does not mean allowing bad behavior to continue, it means not letting their bad behavior effect your life anymore. That's why I forgive you.
"Always forgive ... because the other person really does not care - and they sleep just fine every night!"
You hurt me, I love you, You lied, I love you, You took advantage, I love you. Try it again, I will still love you, but won't let it happen again.
<3 Don't let mistakes ruin your relationships. Put them behind you, so you can move on and grow stronger together. <3 ;)


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