Facebook Statuses About Forgiveness

When you get yourself embroiled in a Facebook flame war, there always comes a time when it is better to forgive and forget. Forgiveness Facebook statuses are a way to bow out of an argument and take the high moral ground. Facebook statuses about forgiveness are sure to get some reaction. But, if your enemies respond negatively to forgiveness Facebook statuses, you can always go back on the attack!

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Let it go what ever it is..Is it really worth it? Move forward and forgive those who have hurt you!
You have to try to forgive them and forget the hurt. Otherwise, the resentment will poison your heart, and you'll be unhappy your whole life..
To change resentment into forgiveness and fear into respect we have to allow compassion into our souls.
Yes, I make mistakes, I say things i shouldn't, i do things i shouldn't, and i even hurt the people that i care about sometimes too! FORGIVENESS!! I'm trying!!
its time to forgive, to forget the past and worry only about the future... I'm tired of fighting and by this time you should be to!!!
Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner!
"You cannot be forgiven if you don't show remorse. And you cannot show remorse if you never had a guilty conscience to begin with." - J.H.C.
always forgive; no matter how long it's been- 3 minutes, 3 days, 3 years- grudges are a waste of time.
It is ok to forgive but never forget...history is bound to repeat itself.
How many times do you want me to forgive you? when you just keep doing the same thing? and you say i am the bad person. i just don't get it.
Life is too short to carry a grudge. Let's learn to forgive, even if we can't forget.
A huge part of real love is constant forgiveness
wishes people would realize it takes more energy to hold a grudge and be a jerk than it does to let it go and move on.
"It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an even stronger person to forgive."
is forgiving and forgetting...calling all backstabbers...trust will never be the same but..U all made me who I am today..and I'M GREAT!
When we forgive, we keep our Minds full of Peace, our Hearts full of Love and our Souls full of Joy.
People make mistakes, it's a part of human nature. One must 4give and move 4ward. Reminding that person of it will not make it go away or let it heal.
[When u don't forgive someone u give them power over your life.Forgiveness is not for the other person...its for u.]


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