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Facebook Statuses About Feelings
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trying to make the world smile
is trying to find a status that explains how i feel right now.not having so much luck :/
"You only have one life so live it right do what your heart tells you and go for that one thing in the world that will make you truly happy"
"It all comes down to that one person you think about before you fall asleep"
says if you feel it's worth the fight give it all you've got!!
some people just don't understand how much they hurt other people, and they don't know how the other person is feeling. Trust less...It hurts less...
You may be so far from me!.. but you are closer then you think, you are in my heart and in my head always =)
Why can we tell everyone how we feel except the one person that makes us feel that way???
How we treat others is really a reflection of how we think about ourselves.
I don't feel happy or sad, upset or mad just an empty feeling that will not pass
Facebook Statuses About Feelings
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is always trying to please and make everyone happy - the only problem - I am the only one feeling unhappy!
is amazed how one call or text from you can make me forget about the bad things.
Passion is knowing what you want, and never stopping until you get it...
wanna be able to stand up & scream to the world how I feel Instead I sit here quiet unable to speak Wonderin if the day will ever come when I can let it all out
Hates how people make you feel like you need to change because your making mistakes and messing up when the truth is. Your doing nothing wrong it's them.
At what point do you realize, something you have been working for so long and so hard is no longer worth fighting for?
i wish you could read people's feelings as easily as you can read a book. then you know whether your wasting your time.
I feeling fun w my friend cuz have fun time

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