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Facebook Statuses About Feelings
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wishing they could turn my feelings off with a switch, that way I wouldn't feel like shit right now :o(
says: Don't waste your time on someone who is not ready to waste their time on you
when i dont feel like saying anything...look into my eyes...they will tell you everything
Wondering how people can be so selfish without thinking of other peoples feelings and not even feel guilty about it,,,I guess I can't be that cold of a person!
when broken relationship are again tied , you become the happiest person in the world..
Be careful what you say to someone..Cuz you may forget what you said.. but they never will!!!
I love my family make no mistake, there is times we want to kill each other but you try to touch them I will break your fucking jaw
is needing a reason to smile again.
I'm strong because I am weak I'm beautiful because I know my flaws I'm fearless because I have been afraid and I'm happy because I have known true sadness.
Everyday, I fight back the urge to text or call you. Telling myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would...
Facebook Statuses About Feelings
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PP dwell on every emotion we own it keeps layering in2 a snowball,getn bigga n bigga. An avalanche is gona cum next! dont dwell on things boycott stress!
i will never forget the day I saw you and my heart starts to realize that I LOVE YOU!!!
You can search the world for the things you want and need, before realizing too late it was right in front of your face the whole time.
is wondering why they tries to believe the best in people when all they do it let you down
People love you, people hate you but what's in your heart and how much you give guarantees those that see your inner beauty will be there for you always!
I feel like number one, but yet I'm last in line
words are just air. The way a person makes you feel is a result of their actions. If they care you will feel it not hear it. -AD
Is starting to think there is not a guy out there that is Brave enough to take me on. Guess I'm just to much to handle ;) Your welcome to try though =]

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