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Facebook Statuses About Feelings
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they says shes fine, but shes going insane, says they feels good, but is in a lot of pain, says its nothing, when its really a lot, says shes okay, but, shes not.
You know in your heart I didn't deserve what you did to me...But it's your life, your choice, your loss.
Life is crazy! We chase what we can't have, and run away from what we desire the most!
wishing they could turn my feelings off with a switch, that way I wouldn't feel like shit right now :o(
Feeling down for some reason. Don't know why. Just feel like I'm out of place.
never pass a chance to say "I love you," to the people you care about because we aren't promised tomorrow.
I don't feel happy or sad, upset or mad just an empty feeling that will not pass
is needing a reason to smile again.
Don't hold back...tell the one you love how you truly feel. It's best to drop your pride for a minute then to live with regret forever. <3
At the end of the day my <3 is still in the same place...
Facebook Statuses About Feelings
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the only people who should matter to you, are the ones that treat you like you matter back.
Is starting to think there is not a guy out there that is Brave enough to take me on. Guess I'm just to much to handle ;) Your welcome to try though =]
I'm strong because I am weak I'm beautiful because I know my flaws I'm fearless because I have been afraid and I'm happy because I have known true sadness.
When you hurt my feelings, you'll probably never know it. But you may wonder one day where I've gone. If you don't wonder at all, it wouldn't surprise me.
Wondering how people can be so selfish without thinking of other peoples feelings and not even feel guilty about it,,,I guess I can't be that cold of a person!
Easy to hide. Hard to show. Someone hurt. You'll never know. What's inside? The deepest pain. Little knowledge. Never gained.
How we treat others is really a reflection of how we think about ourselves.
Why can we tell everyone how we feel except the one person that makes us feel that way???

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