Family Facebook Statuses

For anyone who uses Facebook in a personal capacity, as opposed to for marketing and business promotion, family is at the heart of the website experience. Family Facebook statuses are therefore a mainstay of keeping connected to loved ones. Facebook statuses about family stuff are sure to get readers interested, although you should be careful not to reveal too much sensitive information in Facebook statuses about family members.

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Family Facebook Statuses
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Family is supposed be there for you no matter what comes your way. Shame on the ones who are not, that's is not what family is about.
You can't fix stupid! And you can't help being related to stupid either!
Loves that after a crappy day or when I just feel like shit four little words can turn it all around. I LOVE YOU MOMMY !!!
I have ghosts in my house and they've been dubbed "I don't know" and "Wasn't Me" - they create excessive amounts of laundry and clutter.
When you date someone, how many people become emotionally involved?
Family should try to help each other like when they were kids. Just because we are adults now doesn't mean we don't need that security from our childhood
Its niece and nephew week on Facebook,if you have nieces and nephews that you love and just brighten up your day post this as your status with their names.
The heart & soul of marriage is memories, so make many, big & small but always together, be each others Best Friend Forever the rest will come easy!
says that when people talk crap on their family they thinks "jealousy".. but when friends talk crap on their family they thinks "why did i even waste my time."
I've come to realise that the only people I need in my life are the ones who need me in their's even when I have nothing else to offer them but myself. :)
Family Facebook Statuses
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Hopes everyone knows how very special they are and that without them on this planet, it would be such a cold and dreary place. Hugs to all!
Some lessons can't be taught - they must be LIVED
How sad is it, that I am an adult with two kids who likes to watch the Disney Channel? What is the world coming to?
I have a Mom that cares and loves me and i love their. Not everyone is lucky like me to have their mother care for them or love them. I love you mom! <3
Have you ever looked in the mirror after a long day and said "Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am my Mother after all"?
Motherhood is tough. No pay, No days off, No training given and most of your hard work & efforts often go unappreciated & yet resignation is an impossibility!
I have 3 loves in my life: 2 of which call me Mommy the other one calls me Baby
...gotta love the holidays. All this family togetherness is a detriment to my already compromised sanity.


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