Family Facebook Statuses

For anyone who uses Facebook in a personal capacity, as opposed to for marketing and business promotion, family is at the heart of the website experience. Family Facebook statuses are therefore a mainstay of keeping connected to loved ones. Facebook statuses about family stuff are sure to get readers interested, although you should be careful not to reveal too much sensitive information in Facebook statuses about family members.

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Family Facebook Statuses
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me + you = friends or family
Family is not flesh and blood. Its time, love, caring and sharing. That's family!
Sundays were made by God for our day of rest. Do something restful, but together, with your family today.
If Nephews & Nieces were Jewels, i would have the most beautiful gems ever..
I am easy going...and forgiving...however...hurt the ones I love and my grudge will be everlasting!!!
says, "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. You can, however choose what family goes on your Facebook."
Sometimes a persons actions can cause more heartbreak than words can and when those actions are continuously repeated it causes a rift that can't be fixed
You are your child's biggest example in life, so make sure to set a good one.
wonders why everyone thinks I'm crazy? Have you all met my family?
I can no longer worry about making sure everyone is happy. Doing so is slowly killing me inside.
Family Facebook Statuses
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God bless our soldiers today.. Give them wisdom, courage and faith in what they are doing.. most of all help them to know they are loved and are not alone.
While your kids are young, it seems like it takes forever for them to grow up. Once they're grown, you realise it only took a moment.
Remember your true friends and family that make you smile , forget those who don't.
I have the best parents/step-parents, older brother, little sister, best friends and the best boyfriend i could possibly ask for. I love you guys. :)
When the clock strikes 12 tonight I will b thinking of all my family near and far and wishing them a very happy 2011 and hope all their dreams come true xxx
Is wishing all of my family and friends on Facebook A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope it's a good one for you all and all your dreams come true xxxxxxx
Love is knowing that no matter what you face out there, there is someone truly waiting in the wings for you.
You know you're a mom when you undress at the end of the day and find a Cheerio in your cleavage!


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