Family Facebook Statuses

For anyone who uses Facebook in a personal capacity, as opposed to for marketing and business promotion, family is at the heart of the website experience. Family Facebook statuses are therefore a mainstay of keeping connected to loved ones. Facebook statuses about family stuff are sure to get readers interested, although you should be careful not to reveal too much sensitive information in Facebook statuses about family members.

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Family Facebook Statuses
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I shook my family tree. The squirrels are happy because there are a TON of nuts on the ground now.
a family's love is natures masterpiece loving my family
I am so blessed to have such good people in my life. Good friends and family are a true blessing.
I now come with a WARNING LABEL: Hurt me or my family EVER and i MAY have the intent to KILL!
Blood is thicker than water; friends may come and go~but you will always have your family.
Hates how it says whats on your mind? When you know your whole family is on here and if you post it then they will hunt you down and make you "discuss" it!!!
I've realised that once you have kids you don't clean, you just get to organize the mess
Sometimes it's not the things that are said or done by those we love that hurts; but the things that aren't. At what age do we stop making excuses for them?
Just remember a mother hen will do anything to protect their young. If you don't want your eyes pecked out stay out of this hen's nest!
Breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering momma (:
Family Facebook Statuses
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is not sure if you know it or not, but I've been praying for you lately, for quite some time now. More than you think I have prayed for you. YES ALL OF YOU! (=
The happiest moments of my life have been the ones I have spent at home next to my family :)
Today's forecast: Mouthy, sarcastic with a chance of rudeness
i have the most amazing family ever ! i love my brothers and sisters to bits . i have the most amazing nieces and nephews i love them to bits too.
You pretended to be "family" for so long now, that I actually thought you were. Now, I guess you were just an "enemy" in disguise!
we're dysfunctional but in a way that works for us. ha ha
You mess with me and I will let it go... You mess with my husband and I will break your neck... You mess with my kids and you will need to buy a gravestone!
I love my friends more then anything, But even if my best friend talks about my family then were done! I don't care who you are i wont talk to you again!


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