Facebook Statuses About Faith

Faith was once a private matter but, in this day and age, the reverse is true. Facebook statuses about faith have been shown to be a winner in generating social media activity. Believers will endorse faith Facebook statuses, using the "like" button. On the other hand, atheists and skeptics get annoyed by faith Facebook statuses, but the end result is the same - increased activity on your Timeline!

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Facebook Statuses About Faith
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God gives us all a purpose in life, it's our choice what we do with it. So choose wisely, speak out for what is right, and stop the ignorance. Make 2011 better!
S.P.F (Salvation Prevents Fire)
Guide us though these troubling times. Help us though this mixed-up world. Show us the way to keep the faith. Help us deal with whatever comes our ways.
Just because you don't see anything happening, doesn't mean that God isn't working. The moment we pray, God sets the miracle into motion.
Joy=J- Jesus O- Others Y- You
A strong woman believes that they`s strong enough to face their journey...but a woman of strength has faith that it is in this journey that they will become strong
For those of you that do not believe in God, I hope you come back reincarnated as a tree and they press you into paper, and then print the bible on you
I am a person God made, I'm not perfect, if U are having a problem with me take it up with God in prayer. God knows my life & heart better than anyone~
Perfect? Not even close...Forgiven? Most definitely...Thankful? Absolutely...
Facebook Statuses About Faith
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Blessings, rewards, gifts, adversity, tragedy, and trials will always be in your life in some form. It is how you DEAL with all of them that interests God.
''Faithbook'' God just sent you a Friend Request,Do You Accept??
Lord, please give me the grace to be content where I am now, the patience to wait on Your timing, and the faith to know your hand is always on my heart.
God watch over my family, Let UR Angels guard our every step, let us help someone along our way, always show Your love, B slow 2 anger & fast forgive. TY Amen!!
Call on me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know.'
"Cast your cares on the LORD and they will sustain you; they will never let the righteous fall." - Psalm 55:22
On the bed, In the Kitchen, In the Car, & Even at work. No matter where you are you can stop & Thank God for all the blessings in your life
every setback is a setup for an even greater comeback


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