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You have to admit that Facebook can be a serious addiction. Yet, despite the fact that we love it so much, the Facebook website has many annoying quirks. Therefore, Facebook statuses about Facebook are sure to get attention. Your own personal experiences and pet hates may provide raw material for Facebook statuses about Facebook but, if you're stuck, we have lots of Facebook statuses about Facebook here, too.

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thinks facefuck should have a hosepipe button so we can was the bullshit statuses of our walls
Facebook really needs to add a few new buttons. We only have "like" we need a "LOVE" button, a "Hate" button, and perhaps a "Shut the HELL up" button!
is not ALWAYS on Facebook, you just always happen to be on at the same time. which means you're the one ALWAYS on Facebook... see the logic?
My name is (insert my name here) and I'm a facebookaholic...it's been 3 seconds since I typed my last post...
Finds it hilarious when people say you spend too much time on Facebook yet they are on here enough to notice how often you are.
has an addiction...HOW do I know this? EVERY time I pick up my laptop, no matter what my plans are to look at...I always start typing "FACEBOOK"
Everyone press the like button
I have a Facebook addiction, and I admit, I need Help.
i think Facebook was created be a psychologist, why else would it ask 'what is on your mind?'
c if some people spent as much time studying' 4 school, as they did on fb every1 would be a genius !
It's not called stalking...it's called investigating!!
Thinks it would be awsome to get paid for playing games on facebook. Just think about that for a moment. U could be rich! =)
i find it annoying when someone writes a status that is pointed directly at you but yet doesn't have the courage to say it to your face.
just wanted to wish all my Facebook friends a happy new year!
is going to let go of the past... make the most of the present... and excitedly look forward to the future... <3 <3 *LiFeS To sHoRt* <3 <3
you know your a Facebook addict when u go on the computer to do something , but always end up on Facebook...like if you do this lol
thinks that whatever you do, wherever you are, somehow, somewhere, you will end up on Facebook.
there's a new website out now. it's a combination of Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook; it's called 'youtwitface.com'


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