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You have to admit that Facebook can be a serious addiction. Yet, despite the fact that we love it so much, the Facebook website has many annoying quirks. Therefore, Facebook statuses about Facebook are sure to get attention. Your own personal experiences and pet hates may provide raw material for Facebook statuses about Facebook but, if you're stuck, we have lots of Facebook statuses about Facebook here, too.

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Why can't you get it through ur thick skull that Facebook IS CHEAPER THEN CALLING
good night Facebook...don't let the bed bugs bite and if they do take a shoe and beat them till they are black and blue :)
Has nothing better to do than change their status 5 hundred times in like 10 minutes. See, I am being productive, I am giving everyone something new to read.
remembers the days before Facebook when you didn't sit with heavy eyelids in front of a computer & seriously ponder the decision between Facebook & sleep
I just learned via Facebook that 5 of my friends "Like" Britney Spears. Make that 5 *former* friends..
Wishes that there was a way that my FB Apps (cafeworld, farmville, yoville, petville, etc) had a way of transferring the money we make into our bank accounts :D
I will NOT log on to Facebook... I will NOT log on to Facebook... oh dammit!!
Facebook...Housework? Facebook...Housework? Facebook...Housework? Decisions...decisions. What to do? Guess I'll play a game while I decide what to clean.
be careful when you walk on my wall, you just may fall down...
Has decided that Facebook now comes under the housework category.
There's always that one person who comments on your status that you just wanna punch in the fuckin throat...
is wondering when my cleaner is coming round oh wait i am already here i just need to get my arse of Facebook and clean
is wishing there was a Facebook app that would do my homework for me!
Do you stalk someone on Facebook? I know a few people who stalk at least one person. I bet you do too. :) Just saying.
The time I waste on Facebook is rivaled only by how often I stand in front of the fridge hoping that what I want to eat will magically appear.
like this if your best friend's name starts with any of the following letters- A-Z if you don't have a best friend then, umm.. ya know what, just press like!!
Are you really addicted to Facebook??? OK now press ctrl W after you read this... now see what happens=)


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