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You have to admit that Facebook can be a serious addiction. Yet, despite the fact that we love it so much, the Facebook website has many annoying quirks. Therefore, Facebook statuses about Facebook are sure to get attention. Your own personal experiences and pet hates may provide raw material for Facebook statuses about Facebook but, if you're stuck, we have lots of Facebook statuses about Facebook here, too.

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Parents are gone, so lets party on Oh shit, my mom has Facebook
You know you're addicted to Facebook when your ritual of tucking in the kids becomes screaming "Good night, sleep tight, Mommy loves you!" from your chair.
Facebook says that i used the friend finder but did i,Hell no!This stupid thing lied!WTF! its bad enough people lie and now websites lie to?
Facebook has a poke button. But where is the bitch slap button? They must have removed it due to over use.
keeps on saying goodnight Facebook but i cant seem to log off and put the laptop down :)
မဂၤလာပါ all my friends
Whoooaaa!! If you love Facebook hold ALT and tap F4!!
pulang malam,,,,
To all my friends who insisted that I join FB, thanks, thanks a lot for addicting me to the face crack!
Me:On FB I can sprinkle gardens, poke people, pet, feed, manage a farm and a restaurant why cant I be that productive in RL???Doc:Ur heads too far up FBs ass!
I think Facebook slogan should be"Helping people stay connected when the restraining order doesn't include the Internet:)
is so addicted to Facebook, they went over to a friends house and wrote on their wall!
Click "Like" if you like me. Thank you.
Facebook is not a place to solve problems. If you want people to butt out of your business, don't put personal problems on Facebook in the first place.
Dear Football Obsessed Facebook Users: If I wanted to know the score every 5 minutes I would turn on the TV
5% Concentration + 5% Motivation + 90% boredom = 10% Study time + 90% Facebook time = 100% EPIC FAIL
Facebook: Making the world smaller and smaller one friend request at a time.


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