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You have to admit that Facebook can be a serious addiction. Yet, despite the fact that we love it so much, the Facebook website has many annoying quirks. Therefore, Facebook statuses about Facebook are sure to get attention. Your own personal experiences and pet hates may provide raw material for Facebook statuses about Facebook but, if you're stuck, we have lots of Facebook statuses about Facebook here, too.

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Facebook Statuses About Facebook
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Wishes Facebook had a "I don't give a shit" button instead of "like" and a pimp-slap instead of poke!
Snow storm outside=Facebook all day inside
if homework was like Facebook we would have better grades and do it all day and all night
just got called by the mental hospital...they want ONE of my Facebook friends back...Who was it?
i have facebookdownsyndrome
thinks that facebook should change the status question from "what's on your mind?" to "what's your problem today?"
Facebook should offer me a job, I am on here too much!!
say it loud, say it proud-I AM A FACEBOOKAHOLIC!!
You know you play way too much Farm-ville when you walk through the produce section at the supermarket and think "oh yeah, I plant that!"
Facebook Statuses About Facebook
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You know it's bad when you spend more time decorating your Facebook games for the holidays than you do your own home!
Good morning, my fellow Facebook freaks. Hope you all have a great day and don't get in any unwanted trouble...unless you invite me, of course.
robbed your veg, sucked your lollipop, sent you millions of useless gifts, washed your pet, kicked, poked then hugged you. it's hard work being your FB friend.
FB, FB, fb *shakes head* What is this hold that u have on me?!? Why is it that I get on here to check my email & notifications, and end up staying for 3-4 hrs?
I love it when your thinking of someone then they randomly call,text,or chat with u lol
Facebook. A place most people come to moan about life, slag one and other off, and rant and rave. Does that mean Jeremy Kyle's out of work?
Looking at Fuckbook at the moment. Yep my suspicion is correct... They are using something totally different to write on the walls over there!
Now I lay Me Down to sleep I Pray the lord my soul to keep if I should Die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take! ~Amen~ (: God grant me the serenity


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