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Facebook Statuses About Facebook
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is unavailable at the moment because I actually managed to find something to do that wasn't on Facebook! I know I'm as shocked as you are!
Wonders if poking yourself on Facebook is considered masturbation?
just before hanging judge asked the prisoner, any last wish?
if spending time on Facebook was work I'd be rich
Don't you hate it when you are just about to say "Hi" to someone, but then they (suspiciously) go offline!? Hmmmmm... Where'd they get their Phsycic powers??
You know your broke when: 1. the Dollar Store is to expensive. 2. You litreally don't have two-cents to rub together. 3. You play Farmville for a vacation.
Wow, when i was 10 i had a coloring book and chalk, :)
if your on Facebook and someone tells you to go read a book tell them i am reading a book it is called Facebook
wonders why Facebook is always asking me "What's on your mind?" Why you wanna know?
"people think smoking is hard to quit. God, clearly they haven't tried to quit Facebook yet!"
Facebook Statuses About Facebook
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People are willing to spend hrs on FB playing Farm ville... But ask them to join you plant real trees and suddenly everyone become busy!!!
I've been sitting here on status shuffle trying to find a funny status... People need to come up with funnier shit cuz i don't got all day.!
I dream about you at night, I wake up and wanna get on you, I will poke anyone that wants to be poked... I'm a Facebook WHORE
Facebook is a bit like your fridge...
Dear Football Obsessed Facebook Users: If I wanted to know the score every 5 minutes I would turn on the TV
getting bored on fb writing " hdsoihsgsn hs oidsgh" when people say wth you say my alien language
Holy shit! it is school time and i am on Facebook oh no parents come my butt spanked!!! so long Facebook i will come back! wait,no computer shit!
Farmville good news & bad news: playing to 3 am every night got you 1,000,000 points but now your neglected husband is ploughing & fertilizing your neighbor

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