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You have to admit that Facebook can be a serious addiction. Yet, despite the fact that we love it so much, the Facebook website has many annoying quirks. Therefore, Facebook statuses about Facebook are sure to get attention. Your own personal experiences and pet hates may provide raw material for Facebook statuses about Facebook but, if you're stuck, we have lots of Facebook statuses about Facebook here, too.

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Facebook Statuses About Facebook
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And then God said, "Let there be Facebook so that no teenager can get his or her homework done."
Are you really addicted to Facebook? Then just try pressing ctrl and W! Don't worry it has no side effects!
To all my friends who insisted that I join FB, thanks, thanks a lot for addicting me to the face crack!
says I get this funny feeling that people are reading the things I type here but maybe I'm just being paranoid.
Facebook is a bit like your fridge... You know there's nothing new since the last time, but you check it anyway.
warns...Facebook Friends please be safe, don't "poke" without protection.
Press CTRL-W and your addiction will be 100% over.
Help Facebook kidnapped me!
is so addicted to Facebook, they went over to a friends house and wrote on their wall!
is on a Facebook diet! So far I have lost 3 hours and gained 20 friends!
Facebook Statuses About Facebook
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Facebook shud cum wid a warning label like fags *FACEBOOK KILLS UR BRAIN CELLS*
laundry..dishes..cleaning..ooooohhhhh.. look Facebook!!!
texting + Facebook = textbook . so it looks like I'm doing work <3
I am pretty sure my husband hates the inventor of Facebook
tried POKING people in real life. Surprisingly, doesn't go down that well
...is signing off...see you tomorrow FB friends! God bless and goodnight! ^_~".
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Always remember to keep a great Facebook profile picture! This is the photo they will plaster all over the news media if something ever goes terribly wrong.


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